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SI Retail: The Detail In Retail

Success in retail comes down to the details. When a customer walks into a store, they are no longer simply looking for a product; they are searching for an experience. And that’s where we come in. We work with retail businesses to optimise merchandising and enhance in-store environments with our detail-focused processes across design, project management, production and delivery of custom made and off the shelf store products, anywhere in the world, on time, every time.

In China, for example, we’ve built relationships with quality manufacturers for over 8 years and have our own bilingual team on the ground full-time.

See, to us the detail doesn't only show in the final product - it’s in the processes we have in place to make it as easy as possible for your vision to be created exactly as you imagined, with minimal fuss on your behalf. Because we believe it’s your job to get excited about what your retail store should look like, and it’s ours to deal with the detail to make it happen.



The truth of manufacturing in China is that the cost upsides can often come with quality and complexity downsides.

With over 8 years experience in China, we’ve mastered the East meets West multiplier; the combination of Western problem solving and Eastern manufacturing efficiency.

In combination with our exhaustive audits of all new factories, East meets West simply means better quality products and better value with only the upsides.



When the success of your retail launch hinges on your partner delivery, it’s imperative to choose someone you can rely on.

And reliability for us shows in the fact over 25 of our major clients have been with us for over 8 years.



Sure we can make everything to fit your specific size requirements but what really makes the difference is being able to match it to your brand requirements - and that’s where the others can’t match us.

It starts with taking the time to truly get to know your brand, with the SI Retail Brand DNA audit for new clients formalising our experience to understand your brand from look and feel to business core.

From there, our specialist capabilities across plastics, metals, woods, glass, acrylic and wire mean that if your brand demands it, we can build it.

And if you’re after something off the shelf, don’t worry. We’ve got over 2,200 products across point-of-sale, signage, event displays, fixtures and fittings ready for you to choose from.

It means that we’re over all the details when it comes to retail.