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Fri 26th May 2017

SI Retail's Industrial Design offer!

SI Retail's Industrial Design offer!

Ever wanted a custom display for your products or brand? There is nothing we cannot make for your store - from promotional stands and temporary displays to custom check-out counters and signage! 

This month, we are offering a free sketch (which includes a half hour consultation) from our award winning industrial designer Ronnie! His skills will amaze you!

With over 12 years’ experience in industrial design and having worked with all kinds of material rendering, he can deliver the most perfect product or brand display using acrylics, metals, plastics, glass and all kinds of wood/MDF.

Ronnie has won Gold POPAI awards for many of his designs for large retailers such as Discount Drug Stores, Sanofi and Coca Cola, so if you want the best of the best working on your project; give us a call today and book a free consultation with Ronnie (before the end of May).

In other news, The Lucky Charm in Victoria Point, QLD have used our glass display cube system to create a simple yet elegant Mother's Day product showcase and we think it looks great! This beautiful display system suits all kinds of special product displays and is so easy to put together! They are 40mm x 40mm and sold in kits or you can purchase them singularly to create a configuration that suits your store! See our blog on glass cubing to discover the many uses!

If you have any in-store pictures of our products, we would love to see them! Email us at and be featured in our next edition!



Thu 2nd Feb 2017

TIPS for last minute Valentine's Day Sales

TIPS for last minute Valentine's Day Sales

Out of all the holiday dates, Valentine's Day (similar to Christmas Eve) is one where most shoppers will wait until the very last minute to purchase. This is mainly due to the male population realising the date of the following day and rushing to buy their sweetheart a gift before they suddenly find themselves in the bad books.

Here are some tips to cash in on the rush and make this celebration, a day to fall in love with.

1. Are you selling product relative to Valentine's Day?
Don’t bother creating a Valentine's Day display if your products aren’t ones that will be purchased for this special day. You don’t want to waste time and energy if your store just doesn’t offer any suitable products for this date.

2. Construct a Valentine's Display.
Overall, customers don’t want to have to sift through multiple products to find a gift. They want something easily accessible and will wander to an area that has a beautiful feature display dedicated to satisfying their needs. So make sure you have all of your Valentine's Day products displayed neatly and that this area stands out leading up to the 14th February.

3. Do it for Mr. Lazy!
Some men want everything done for them and don’t want to have to spend any time in preparing their gift (or they are just terrible at preparing gifts). This means, the best way to obtain sales is to make it easy for the customer to not only find the products which suit the occasion, but to ensure your items are packaged in a way that the male customer doesn’t have to do anything after purchasing the item. More commonly, retailers are offering a free gift-wrapping service to entice customers to purchase from their store. By making life easier for your customers during this time, they will remember your store the next time they require a quick and easy gift (without the hassle of worrying about scissors, tapes, bows or wrapping).
4. Be smarter this Valentine's Day and make it too easy.
Everyone hates facing the crowds in a busy retail store. The best way to gain attention from time-conscious customers is to promote a Valentine's Day section right outside your front door, where the customer can purchase their gifts and cards straight away without going into the store, searching all over, only to then face the long waiting lines at the checkouts.

5. Create a grab-and-go gift pack.
Try combining several related products together to form a gift pack. Men will appreciate this as it makes life easier for them and a pre-packaged gift will be chosen over a standalone product any day. Don’t pack all of your expensive items though; everyone has a certain limit in their mind on how much they wish to spend. Make a few packs that vary in price to attract customers from all socio-economic backgrounds and appeal to every gift-giver. Don’t forget to include the additional costs of creating these gift packs. Items such as gift baskets, wrapping, tape, flowers or bows all need to be accounted for and bundled into the price when advertising your gift packs.

6. Be creative.
Prepare your sales staff with some fabulous gift ideas to help consumers who are seeking something more unique or personal for their loved one. They may not know what they want, so think outside of the box with your product offerings to come up with some funky and creative ideas.

7. Stock up!
Ensure you have ordered enough products in the lead up to this occasion and that your shelves are continuously re-stocked. No one wants to sift through a small selection of leftovers.

8. Gift Cards.
As thoughtless as it may seem, some customers will opt for gift cards this Valentine's Day. Make certain you are promoting and offering your gift cards to every customer prior to this occasion. By doing so, you are portraying your store as being very helpful by either triggering the customers’ memory about Valentine's Day or by offering a quick and easy way for the customer to ensure their gift is sorted. This will also enable you to gain market share before they buy a present elsewhere. Whether you obtain that extra sale or not, the customer will remember your thoughtfulness and this will impact on their perception and word of mouth advertising every time they think of your store.

9. Promote your store.
You may have the best Valentine's Day display of any retailers in your area but if no one knows about it then you are unlikely to benefit from such a wonderful display. Send emails to your database, hand out flyers in the centre or advertise on the radio to inform customers that your store is the GO TO place this Valentine's Day.

10. Don’t forget your online customers!
Keep your social media pages up to date by adding beautiful pictures of your Valentine's Day displays and gift ideas. Run a poll or shopping event on Facebook and Twitter (or even promote late night trading prior to Valentine's Day), advertise a promotional campaign (spend a certain amount to receive a free Valentine's Day card, chocolate or teddy bear), otherwise offer handy services (like free gift-wrapping) to entice customers to pick your store over your competitors.

You are only limited by your imagination. So this year, utilise the above tips, show your store some love and capitalise on the potential sales.

Fri 20th Jan 2017

2017 Trends - Wooden Displays

2017 Trends - Wooden Displays

Australia Day is fast approaching and we are very proud to say that we are 100% owned and operated by a wonderful Australian family. This means, our priorities are always focused around YOU (our customer), and how we can utilise our extensive product knowledge to provide YOU with the absolute best service possible.

Did you know that studies have proven, functional and social in-store enhancements directly impact on your bottom line and that new enhancements are more likely to result in consumer loyalty. So what are you waiting for?

Wooden feature walls are this seasons' hottest trend! They are very fashionable and can add an element of sophistication, create a unique product display or just simply, freshen up your store. Compliment your feature wall with our timber hangers and custom-made wooden displays for a beautiful beach theme, guaranteed to attract more customers this Summer!

We have loads of fresh ideas and innovative solutions to optimise your retail environment, so call us today to discuss the many options we have available to quickly and easily create an effective display or special feature wall. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up-to-date with all of the retail trends this year!


  • Custom Displays

  • Haiti uses custom wooden displays in China

  • Mono store in Hawaii

  • Wooden Feature Walls

  • Fashion store wooden display

  • Many stores are utilising wood for a sophisticated look and feel

  • Creme de la Creme - New store

  • Our custom t-shirt display for Surf, Dive n Ski Australia

  • More custom items we have created for Surf, Dive n Ski Australia




Wed 22nd Jul 2015

Designing stores that get customers buying

Designing stores that get customers buying

As we all know, there are loads of different approaches when designing the interior layout of your store. However, there are also many ways that a retailer can employ someone to design your store to help you get sales. Designing your store's interior is much different to how it used to be, with all the digital technology used in shops these days.

When designing your store's interior you need to think about the key things. You want to tell a story of your brand, create amazing experiences for your customers. You want window displays that catch people's eye and draws them in, and you want to use signs to make things clear around your store. You want detail.

In this article, I will be covering all the basics of creating an effective store design that will help you get the customers rolling. You want them browsing more products and heading towards the checkout. The most important thing to know is that from that first moment that someone walks into your store, to the time they decided to buy something (or not buy something), a smart looking design in store will make a massive difference to whether you make a sale with that customer or not.


The Decompression Zone

The decompression zone is the first thing that customers step into when they enter your store. It usually consists of the first five to fifteen feet worth of space. Obviously though, it does depend on how big your store is. This is also the space where your customers make the transition from being in the outside world to their first experience of what you offer in your store. They also use this zone to make judgements of your store. For example, how cheap or expensive your store is, how well coordinated your lighting, fixtures, displays and colours are. As the customers are in the transition mode, they're more likely to miss products, signage or carts that you place there.


To The Right

It's a known fact in the retail community that 90 percent of customers, when entering a store, will turn right unconsciously. The first wall that your customers will see is referred to as a "power wall", and it acts as a high-impact first impression of your merchandise, so be sure you give it extra attention and decide carefully what you choose to display there and how you display it.

You want to grab your customers attention and make them intrigued with the products you choose to display, whether that's your new items or seasonal items, high profit items or high demand items, or whether you'll decide to do a story on your products or create a decorative vignette.


Walking The Path

It's a good idea to have your customers walking a path, although this will vary greatly depending on the size and layout of your store, but you know that your customers want to turn right, so as they do that you want to get them to continue walking through the rest of your store. This will gain maximum exposure of all your products. This doesn't only increase the chances of customers buying your products but it can also be a good way to control the flow of traffic through your store.

Each store has a different way of doing this. Some stores will use a circular path, taking the customer from the right, to the back of the store and then back round to the front. Some will make it easier just by covering the path with a different look or texture on the floor so customers are inclined to follow.

Something else to keep in mind is that you want your path to lead your customers somewhere, which means you need eye-catching and attention-grabbing displays, perhaps, for example, having a display at the end of an aisle.


Slow Down!

You've put a lot of effort into properly displaying your products; the last thing you want is for customers to just hurry past them and then limiting the number of products that they'll purchase. The best way to beat this is by creating obstacles. This can be anything that gives customers a visual break and it can be achieved through signs, special displays or seasonal displays.

Merchandise Outposts are effective ways to move customers where you want them. These are special display fixtures featuring products near the end of the aisles or in between aisles that encourage unplanned buying while complementing products on display close by.

However, it's unlikely that you'll have "aisles" in your store, but it's still important to think about how you're going to group products in a way that makes it easy to see what goes well together in a shopper's perception. Remember to keep the most popular products displayed at eye-level. Anything else can be placed lower or higher up.

When you create these obstacles to slow down your customers, you will need to change them every week or regularly enough to keep your customers reacting the same way as they did the first time they saw it.


Are They Comfortable?

A typical customer, especially women, will avoid trying to reach something in an aisle where it's likely that they'll end up brushing another customer's backside or have their backside brushed. This is true even if the customer is really interested in a product. The best way to avoid this problem is to make sure that your aisle, floor and displays allow your customers to have room for personal space while they're browsing your products.

You can also make your store more comfortable by having some comfy seats and benches; it will also influence customers to spend more time in your store. If a shopper is shopping with someone that's not interested in making a purchase or if they have kids, the comfy seats will come in handy and make your customers feel more relaxed. It's also best if you keep the seats facing your products so that customers can browse while sat down, you'll be top on their mind while they're sat there, and you never know... They might see something that they like and want to buy.


Time To Checkout

A good rule for placing your checkout counter(s) and your POS stands is that the checkout should be placed at a natural shopping point in the shopping experience or in the path that you've created.

If you're customers naturally turn right when they enter, and you've managed to get them to go through the circle, you'll realise that the left side of the store, at the front, is the ideal location for your checkout counter. Although, this decision depends on the size and layout of the store, which means you'll need to consider everything before deciding where the most natural point to have the checkout is.

You also want to keep in mind that if you don't have any staff watching the store then it'll be important to keep an eye and see everything from where you're set up.

Below are other tips to keep in mind when designing your checkout counter:

  • Have a counter big enough for your customers bags and/or personal belongings
  • Create an interesting and/or engaging display on the wall behind
  • Encourage impulse or last minute purchases by stocking items that customers love and commonly use/need close by
  • Be polite! Ask questions like "Were you able to find everything that you were looking for?" and have signs explaining your exchange and refund policies.


Designing your interior is an ongoing process. You can always be switching up, tweaking, adding or taking away things, which will create a different experience for your customers each time that they shop.

Overall, that's what you want to focus on, the customer journey. You'll want to test it out and change it constantly. Have a walk through yourself and see where your path and obstacles guide you, or get your staff, friends or family to try it and give you honest feedback, whether that is good or bad.

Don't forget! Observe your customers and see what it is that they're drawn to, what they avoid and how they move around the store. Then use that within your design. Keep your eyes and ears open, by doing that you'll be sure to create an environment that is best for you and your customers.

Creating Interiors That Get Customers Buying By Chloe David


What are the best points of sale and signage accessories to guide the customer through your store?


Mon 17th Feb 2014

POP: Effective In-store media

SI Retail's End-Signs since 1974

SI Retail's End-Signs since 1974

















In-store Media and Display Trends 2014

The trends in shop fitting are increasingly about:

  • Change: Modify displays at least once per month
  • Flexibility: Versatile displays and interchangeable signage systems
  • Do it Yourself: Installed and easily assembled by store staff


Role of In-store Media

The role of In-store media is to attract, engage, assist, inform and create excitement to transform shoppers into customers.


Attract & Engage with POP Media

  • Attract customers in-store
  • Engage with them on a personal level by providing a solution to their problem. "What am I going to cook for dinner?"

The End-sign, a wall mounted sign display at the entry of your store is a great medium to drive impulse sales from people passing by and to increase your brand exposure. For retailers positioned in long shopping centres, having an end-signs fixed to your store window increases the chance of customers noticing your brand. This is also useful when customers are specifically looking for your outlet. It makes it easy to spot you in the crowd.  As a tip, End-sign works particularly well when several are positioned in a row.

The Livewire cable display system is the most cost effective signage system on the market as it is forever customisable. The system is simply a steel cable onto which clear acrylic frames are connected to hold your signage. It's invisible look enables you to not only advertise your promotions but also to create stunning picture walls that you can refresh as often as you want. The Cable display system ticks all the box of the 2014 shop fitting trends; it is interchangeable, flexible and easily installed and refreshed by a store assistant. No more stickers use it as a store window and refresh the signage to reflect the current season and promotions. The Livewire is also the perfect solution to keep your community and notice boards organized and attractive while staying practical.


Educate & Inform with POP media

POP: SI Retail's data strips & Talkers

  • Guiding customers in-store to the right category
  • Introducing new/improved products or promotions

Hanging signs are great to guide customers through the store and hanging sign accessories allow you to display signage at various heights. For end-aisles, quad-ramas are great as they create a 360-degree hanging display. Poster grips are ideal for aisle signage and SI Retail can also custom create grocery aisle signs with changeable panels to suit retailers' requirements.

Keep your shelf pricing in order with data strips. Angled data strips are particularly effective in making pricing more visible on lower shelves, while the talker data strips allows for extra promotional tickets to be added without additional signage clips which are often lost. As a tip, multiple tickets on the one shelf attract the eye.  If you display products on hooks, make sure they are at the same level, sizes and colours and use talker flip label holder to insert extra promotional tickets directly on the hook. Finally, use clip strips to bring complimentary lines together for cross selling.


Assist & Improve customer's shopping experience

  • Help them break through the clutter of advertising
  • Help them solve a problem. "I could cook chicken, it is on promotion."

We live in a fast-paced society where everyone seems to have even less time to do things, so any message needs to be clear, concise and impacting.


Create Excitement with POP Messages and Media

SI Retail's Dump Bins

  • By adding value. "Oh this chicken soup recipe looks delicious."

Change your message to reflect seasons and trends so you can attract customers by engaging them on an emotional level.

People are fascinated by a treasure hunt, and that is why a full and messy dump bin will excite shoppers to chase the bargain. According to U.S. studies by the Russell R. Muller Retail Hardware Research Foundation sales increase by 427% when you place products in a Dump Bin. One of our retailers could not believe how successful the dump bins were, even on high end products, items were literally "walking out the door". SI Retail has now a new adjustable ticket holder for dump bins that simply grip on the wire so no more sign stand that fall over.


About SI Retail

SI Retail has 40 years of experience providing retail solutions in shop fittings, shelving and POP displays to retailers, designers and shopfitters in Australia and New Zealand. SI Retail is a family business that originally invented the iconic End-SignTM seen on storefronts across Australia. The company now warehouses over 2000 product lines, has the ability to custom-make most things, has established an office and bond-warehouse in China to ensure efficiency and quality and has developed SI Direct, a dedicated supply chain management service to reduce costs, lead times and risks when fitting out multiple stores across the country.

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