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Thu 3 Apr 2014

How to choose your shelf talker?

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A shelf talker is a great in-store marketing tool. It is very effective at driving sales; it is time saving and cheap but how to choose among all the different designs and names of shelf talkers? Which one will be perfect for your needs?

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The different type of shelf talkers

  • Custom printed shelf talker: It will usually be made of one material, cardboard or laminated and be entirely custom printed. This is usually provided by brands in a retail environment. These shelf talkers are usually used to promote the brand's campaigns or the benefit of their products. Often they are in the form of shelf wobblers. The best places to purchase these products are probably printing companies but SI Retail can custom make them when large quantities are ordered.


  • The shelf wobbler clip: It is a talker hardware clip, which will hold the promotional ticket and enable it to hang down and wobble. There are many different designs available.



  • Shelf talker data strips are data strips with a grip at the top where you can slide in promotional tickets. It is perfect for shelves with multiple promotions because you do not need to purchase additional clips, which are often lost. You simply slide the ticket in the data strip grip. Moreover, the grip is small and transparent; it is almost invisible and does not clutter your data strip.


  • Shelf talker label holders are display hook label holders with a grip at the top to slide promotional tickets. They are the same system as the talker data strips but for display hooks.


There are many more types of shelf talker clips on the market, above is only SI Retail's range of shelf talkers. If you still need help to choose the perfect shelf talker, please give us a call; Trish, Diane or Suzanne will be more than happy to advise you. SI Retail can also custom make any shelf talker designs depending on the quantities.