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Sat 24 Oct 2009

Livewire Cable Display System

  • Caitlin Crosby

Livewire is one of our most popular selling lines and we are now extending the range! In November the Freestanding Livewire Cable Display System will be available! Its design allows flexibility in your signage and shelving displays. Have a look at our page on Livewire for the complete range. Here are some benefits when using the Cable Display System:

  • Create a configuration to suit your own needs. For example you can add shelves and sign holders to the one system if you want to be unique!
  • The Freestanding Range is easily manoeuvrable so you can test your best in store selling points!
  • Stylish and Easy to Use - the ‘invisible' look of the cable system is what makes this system so appealing as it doesn't clutter what you are selling