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Wed 19 Mar 2014

What is the role of a shelf talker?

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A shelf talker is a great in-store marketing tool. It is very effective at driving sales, it is time saving and relatively cheap.

Read full definition here: What is a shelf talker and what else do we call them?

The role of shelf talkers:

  • Introduce new products
  • Introduce improved products
  • Point out promotions
  • Sell slow moving products
  • Promote additional services
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Advertise seasonal products
  • Help customer choose among the brand's products
  • Guide the customer in aisles. For example in the beauty department of a supermarket, a bold "for blond hair" will attract all the people with blond hair to the specific shelf. Shelf talkers help to further divide aisles into subcategories.
  • Advertise certain benefits of a product. Promoting the health benefit of an item or that it is Australian made will attract the right target market.

There are many types of shelf talkers on the market, see SI Retail's range. If you need help to choose the perfect shelf talker, please give us a call; Trish, Dianne, Ellie or Suzanne will be more than happy to advise you. SI Retail can also custom make any shelf talker designs depending on the quantities.

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