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Tue 11 Mar 2014

What is a shelf talker?

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Definition of a shelf talker:

Shelf talkers are small printed tickets attached to a retail shelf. The word "shelf talker" defines the ticket as well as the clip to hold the ticket and they usually promote a specific product on the shelf. They are designed to attract the customer's attention to a particular product, as well as to guide the customer's through the shelves. Shelf talkers are silent salespeople; they will help move products. With stores cutting staff, shelf talkers are increasingly important in a retail environment. Shelf talkers are usually bright and bold with short text and a call to action. Shelf talkers are used in various type of business such as supermarkets, convenience stores, petrol stations, bookstores, discount and hardware stores. The sign itself normally hangs over the edge of the shelf, making it more easily visible to any shoppers passing by.

Other terms that define a shelf talker

  • Shelf wobbler: It is a shelf talker but the system is different because it enables the ticket to hang down and wobble.
  • Sign holder: This is a very broad term that defines any hardware that will hold signage. Sometimes fit out companies use this term to describe a clip that fits a shelf, (shelf talker grip) but that can also fit other surfaces. Generally, a shelf talker is a small sign holder.

It is a great in-store marketing tool as it is very effective at driving sales; it is time-saving and relatively cheap.

There are many types of shelf talkers on the market, see SI Retail's range. If you need help to choose the perfect shelf talker, please give us a call; Trish, Dianne, Ellie or Suzanne will be more than happy to advise you. SI Retail can also custom make any shelf talker designs depending on the quantities.

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