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Fri 20th Jan 2017

2017 Trends - Wooden Displays

2017 Trends - Wooden Displays

Australia Day is fast approaching and we are very proud to say that we are 100% owned and operated by a wonderful Australian family. This means, our priorities are always focused around YOU (our customer), and how we can utilise our extensive product knowledge to provide YOU with the absolute best service possible.

Did you know that studies have proven, functional and social in-store enhancements directly impact on your bottom line and that new enhancements are more likely to result in consumer loyalty. So what are you waiting for?

Wooden feature walls are this seasons' hottest trend! They are very fashionable and can add an element of sophistication, create a unique product display or just simply, freshen up your store. Compliment your feature wall with our timber hangers and custom-made wooden displays for a beautiful beach theme, guaranteed to attract more customers this Summer!

We have loads of fresh ideas and innovative solutions to optimise your retail environment, so call us today to discuss the many options we have available to quickly and easily create an effective display or special feature wall. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up-to-date with all of the retail trends this year!


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Fri 31st Jul 2015

In-store Automated Entry Gates for Supercheap Auto by SI Retail

In-store Automated Entry Gates for Supercheap Auto by SI Retail

Here at SI Retail, we are proud of the fact that we can provide more than just your basic Shopfitting needs. We have the capabilities, knowledge and experience to turn your visions into a reality whether you need custom displays, flooring or full store fitout. We combine this expertise with both our team based in Australia and in China, who work together to make sure your custom product is made using the best equipment on the market, at a rate that is affordable to you.


For many years now, SI Retail has been managing custom projects for our valued customers, based on their individual requirements.  Recently, Supercheap Auto came to us with an idea in mind, they provided us with the specifications and we took care of the rest, paying careful attention to every detail along the way.

What started initially as a concept for an automatic entry gate has turned into a reality over just a few short months. Now, we are able to provide the gates to over 80 Supercheap Auto stores throughout Australia, within the next financial year. As this gate is electric, it proves that using the latest designs and technology, SI Retail is able to cater to your every shopfitting needs. As a team, we look forward to opportunities to learn more within the industry and we thrive on taking on diverse projects, which require new capabilities.

Throughout this project, we were able to successfully meet every requirement that our customer specified, at an affordable price and appropriate lead-time. Once the project came to completion, we asked for feedback to ensure we went to every length possible to provide the customer with what they needed and more. Supercheap Auto said they were extremely satisfied with our level of knowledge and expertise on this project, as well as excellent quality of goods and services.

“Overall we are very happy with the entry gate supplied by SI Retail; it’s always good to deal with Beatrice, our Strategic Customer Support Manager at SI so we are extremely likely to complete another project with SI.”

Patrick Turner, Property Services Project Manager at the Super Retail Group.


Here at SI Retail, shopfitting is our passion and it is our aim to provide you with the custom creations you envision with excellent attention to detail. Contact one of our client managers on 1800 211 122 or by email at