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Tue 16th Jun 2015

Reliable Supply Partners: The REPCO fitout by SI Retail

Reliable Supply Partners: The REPCO fitout by SI Retail

With over 400 stores in Australia, Repco requires a reliable ongoing supply of general point-of-sale products to fulfil their ‘new and refurbish’ program.


Always one step ahead

By anticipating and forecasting Repco’s needs, we are able to fulfil their requirements for fixtures such as shelving and retail displays. We also hold stock to ensure Repco always has a reliable supply of these products available.

The support we give Repco with forecasting and stock holdings has allowed our relationship to grow for over 10 years.


Quick turnaround

“Repco has been purchasing from SI Retail for over 12 years now and they have consistently provided us with quality point of sale products. We can always rely on SI Retail to have stock available with quick turnaround time to our stores.

Sometimes our store programs can leave us with very short notice to roll out a store. However, we can always count on the team at SI Retail to support us and ensure stock is sent out to stores as soon as possible. We will continue to work with the SI Retail team and we hope to continue to grow our relationship with them for many years to come.”

Brian Ferris

GPC Asia Pacific (Repco Brand)


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  • REPCO Shelving

  • REPCO Stop Lock

  • REPCO Signage

  • REPCO Data Strips

  • REPCO Display Hooks

  • REPCO Fitout

  • REPCO Ticket Frames

  • REPCO Flags

Wed 20th May 2015

PROVEN PARTNERS: Supercheap Auto and SI Retail fitout partnership

PROVEN PARTNERS: Supercheap Auto and  SI Retail fitout partnership

In 1994 Supercheap Auto required a reliable partner to supply all the display fixtures and fittings for their stores and have them on hand for their store expansion program.


Working hand in hand

Based on a handshake, we put a deal in place that would create a 26 year-long partnership. They constantly look to us for improvements and new ideas on how they can adapt and optimise different retail environments.

Today, we’re still thriving together, supplying display fixtures and fittings across all the Super Retail Group’s brands.


A major player in our growth

“SI Retail has been a major player in the growth of the Supercheap Auto Group for some 16 years now.

From early on with only a few retail outlets in Brisbane through to our mass expansion over recent years, SI Retail have been there to supply the fittings we have needed on time, every time. It is with suppliers like SI Retail that we as a group can achieve great things.”

Supercheap Auto Group


Check out more of SI Retail's case studies on our new corporate website at

  • Supercheap auto general store layout

  • Supercheap Auto Store

  • Supercheap Auto Display

  • Supercheap Auto Metalboard hooks

  • Supercheap Auto signage

Wed 19th Nov 2014

Road Tech Marine by SI Retail: In Search Of Adventure

Road Tech Marine by SI Retail: In Search Of Adventure

Client: Road Tech Marine

Location: Underwood, QLD

Fit Out: SI Retail


SI Retail and Electus Distribution have had a strong partnership for many years so when the latter launched new retail brand Road Tech Marine, SI Retail was the obvious choice for the new store fitout. 

Road Tech Marine is positioned in a niche market; they supply parts and accessories for travellers who regularly hit the road or the water in search of adventure. 

It offers thousands of products making them the go to retailer in this retail segment. The store displays a large portion of their range in-store and the rest is available through catalogues and online. 

The main challenge for the store layout was to be able to display a wide range of accessories while keeping it simple with a clean look. The aisles are wide and the gondolas light grey to add a sense of space. They also use colours to signal main categories so they avoid cluttering the store with signage.

"The strength and flexibility of SI Retail’s metal work such as the gondolas allowed versatility and flow in our floor plans, which then became reality, says Mark Rogers, Merchandising and Technical Manager at Road Tech Marine

SI Retail’s range of displays is the key factor for Road Tech Marine to present a shopping experience to the consumer and not just a store", says Mark Rogers. 

SI Retail provides all the metal gondolas, garment racks, hooks and data strips, shopping baskets, wall strips, counter and customised displays.  

“SI Retail’s product range and our account manager, Daniela have been instrumental in the fitout and look of all Road Tech Marine stores throughout Australia", says Rogers. 

Check out the article published in the FAD, Fitout, Architecture and Design Magazine

  • Road Tech Marine Fit Out by SI Retail

  • Road Tech Marine fit out by SI Retail

  • Road Tech Marine metal gondolas by SI Retail

  • Road Tech Marine fixtures by SI Retail

  • Road Tech Marine Underwood store by SI Retail

  • Road Tech Marine Underwood Store by SI Retail


Tue 12th Nov 2013

Mountain Designs fit out by Barrett Shopfitting Australia & SI Retail

Mountain Designs fit out by Barrett Shopfitting Australia & SI Retail

Solution for a cheaper fit out

As with most shopfitter/retailer relationships a significant emphasis has been placed on ensuring great value for MD’s money, given their considerable expenditure per store.

Very early in our relationship all of the fixtures and fittings were manufactured in Australia at considerable cost but this soon changed as MD asked Barrett’s to explore the option of importing this aspect of their store build.

Following this desire a decision was made to import from The Philippines, which seemed to be a great deal at the time, but a significant lack of quality existed with the product that was coming in.

In late 2012 and after gaining much needed experience Barrett’s engage the services of SI Retail to handle the procurement of MD fixtures and fittings from China.

“The result of this new relationship is the perfect balance of quality and value.” The Barrett Shopfitting Team

Four new MD stores have been built using the SI Retail sourced fixtures and fittings and MD are wrapped with their new stores. Once of the most recent stores built is in Chadstone Shopping Centre and this store has set the new benchmark for look, feel and quality for Mountain Designs.

"We truly believe that this high level of fit out would not be possible if it was not for the relationship they have with Barrett’s and the involvement of SI Retail. “ The Mountain Design Team.

Barrett Shopfitting Australia and Mountain Designs have had a wonderful working relationship spanning some 13 years and 50+ stores.

Barrett’s have been employed to manage the complete fit out of most MD stores across Australia and NZ which incorporate:

- the overall project management

- Joinery

- Fixtures

- Fittings procurement

- Site installation.

  • Mountain Designs fit out by Barrett Shopfitting Australia and SI Retail

  • Mountain Designs fit out by Barrett Shopfitting Australia & SI Retail

  • SI Retail custom freestanding table display

  • SI Retail's Garment Racks

  • SI Retail's Slotwall Panels

  • SI Retail Custom Arm For Bag Pack

  • SI Retail Wall Strips

Mon 26th Aug 2013

Hardware Store Fixtures From China to New Zealand

Hardware Store Fixtures From China to New Zealand

This new concept is all about the outdoors and a trusted company was needed to supply the fixtures.

Super Retail Group fitted out 13 New Fishing Camping Outdoors stores: a new brand and concept in New Zealand.

SI Retail were contracted to supply the metal fittings for these new stores.  "We were chosen due to our existing relationship with Super Retail Group," explains Brendan Dales, SI Retail's National Business Manager for Strategic Accounts, "as we've worked with them on fitting out their Super Cheap Auto, BCF and Ray's Outdoors stores here in Australia.  Our competitive prices out of China also made us an obvious choice."

As well as having a comprehensive range of shopfitting supplies available, SI Retail also has the capabilities to custom create fittings to suit specific requirements.  Dales confirms that, "We provided all the metal work in store.  Some of it was custom created for these specific stores, and some of it was from our range of standard SI Retail items."

The custom created items included:

-       Wire television stands (which were innovatively built for the purposes of shelving, product promotion and digital viewing)

-       Kayak stands

-       Fishing rod holders

-       Mannequins

-       Metal gondolas

-       Certain display hooks

-       Competition boxes

From the standard SI Retail range came

-       Data stripping

-       Garment racks

-       Wall strip and accessories

-       Slotwall accessories

-       Dump bins

-       Shelving

-       Ticket frames

-       Catalogue stands

-       Acrylic signage

-       Shoe shelves

-       Shopping baskets.

From the initial stages of quoting through to placing the order, the process took around eight months. 

"Once the pricing was approved, samples were made and then the client and I flew to China to sign off on the samples at the factory," says Dales.  "This is something that SI Retail does for all major projects, as it gives the customer a better understanding of our whole operation."

Once the items were finalised, it took only a few months before the store rollouts began.  "After sign-off, a forecast was implemented to ensure that we were able to meet the opening dates and then manufacturing commenced," continues Dales.  "We had to ensure that the custom fixtures and the SI standard lines were consolidated in the warehouse to ensure that all stock was being distributed at once, eliminating any potential back orders.  Once the stock arrived, it was a matter of managing the forecast, warehouse and delivery dates to ensure that the goods were at the store on the required fit out date."

One of the major challenges that SI Retail needed to overcome was the inconsistencies in product quantities for each store, which changed dramatically after the first few fit outs took place.  "This was a constant battle until an average order quantity was established," confirms Dales.

The results have been very positive. "All the feedback that we have received has been consistently positive," says Dales.  "The stores are trading well and our ability to supply large rollouts has gained more credibility."

  • FCO New Zealand by SI Retail

  • FCO counter

  • FCO Mannequins by SI Retail

  • Garment Racks by SI Retail

  • Wall Strip and accessories by SI Retail

  • FCO Shelving

  • FCO Shelving

  • FCO Slat Mesh by SI Retail

  • Custom Gondola by SI Retail

  • FCO Hooks by SI Retail

  • Custom Kayak stands by SI Retail