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Fri 20th Jan 2017

2017 Trends - Wooden Displays

2017 Trends - Wooden Displays

Australia Day is fast approaching and we are very proud to say that we are 100% owned and operated by a wonderful Australian family. This means, our priorities are always focused around YOU (our customer), and how we can utilise our extensive product knowledge to provide YOU with the absolute best service possible.

Did you know that studies have proven, functional and social in-store enhancements directly impact on your bottom line and that new enhancements are more likely to result in consumer loyalty. So what are you waiting for?

Wooden feature walls are this seasons' hottest trend! They are very fashionable and can add an element of sophistication, create a unique product display or just simply, freshen up your store. Compliment your feature wall with our timber hangers and custom-made wooden displays for a beautiful beach theme, guaranteed to attract more customers this Summer!

We have loads of fresh ideas and innovative solutions to optimise your retail environment, so call us today to discuss the many options we have available to quickly and easily create an effective display or special feature wall. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up-to-date with all of the retail trends this year!


  • Custom Displays

  • Haiti uses custom wooden displays in China

  • Mono store in Hawaii

  • Wooden Feature Walls

  • Fashion store wooden display

  • Many stores are utilising wood for a sophisticated look and feel

  • Creme de la Creme - New store

  • Our custom t-shirt display for Surf, Dive n Ski Australia

  • More custom items we have created for Surf, Dive n Ski Australia




Wed 18th Jun 2014



International market intelligence, product innovation and a unified business culture are some of the benefits of the relocation of Paul Davie from SI Retail’s Australian Head Office to the Shanghai office.

With more than 10 years experience, in the shop fitting industry, Paul understands what is required to deliver a quality solution. As a project manager he was responsible for numerous successful set-ups. From measurements, floor plans, quoting, product specification, manufacturing to final installation.

He understands the fit out requirements for retail stores and the challenges that go with them.

As State Manager for a shop fitting supply company he gained extensive experience not only leading a team but also the skills required to run a successful retail operation.

Paul will add Australian style, work ethic and customer service to our global offering from Shanghai. Whilst acting as an interface to support communication flow between both offices, he will also be providing market intelligence on the latest international trends.

Being located with the factories provides Paul with a unique opportunity to drive product innovation. SI Retail strives to provide its clients with on-trend and world leading products. We are now positioned to increase this service.

Paul will compliment the existing Shanghai office by adding the Australian element on the ground. A true blending of east meets west. It’s the best of both worlds and now on offer to all of SI Retail’s customers.

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Tue 13th Aug 2013

Flashback: SI Retail's unforgettable Christmas parties

Christmas Party copy

A luxurious 2013 Staff Christmas Party at SI Retail

We will all meet on the 9th of November 2013 at the Surfers Paradise, Marriot resort & spa for a weekend of snorkeling, swimming, sun bathing, eating and of course drinking and laughing.

Personally, I will spend the Saturday afternoon at the hotel's spectacular heated saltwater lagoon lying under the sun on a long chair with a mojito in my hand. When the glass will dry out, I will jump in the water and swim around the colourful tropical fishes of the lagoon.

Then we need to get ready for the VIP party!

The "spirit of Paradise" will come to pick us up from the Hotel's private wharf for a cruise dinner with sunset, sightseeing and live music.  (Much better than a boring limousine isn't it?)

In the morning, we will all have breakfast together, feeling the worst for wear and mocking each other for the silly things we did the night before.

Photo album of SI Retail's Christmas Parties from 2008 to 2012

  • SI Retail's Christmas staff Party 2008

  • BBQ in the Park on Saturday

  • Cricket time

  • The Australian Outback spectacular on Saturday night

  • SI Retail's 2009 Christmas dinner at Albion comedy Club.

  • 2010 Christmas dinner at the medieval castle of Bli Bli

  • On the program, food drink, costumes and live entertainment.

  • Ernie (Warehouse) and Brendan (strategic sale)

  • Meet the king and the Queen

  • SI Retail's founder, Ron and his partner Sue always the first one to play the game

  • Tube riding at south Stradbroke Island.

  • Tube riding, BBQ, dancing and the incredible meeting of the rugby league football players...

  • Meet Petero Civoniceva

  • Meet Mal Meninga

  • Meet Johnathan Thurston

  • SI Retail's team 2012

  • Along the riverside of Brisbane city

  • Mick (warehouse) and his wife karryn and DI (Customer Service)

  • Our Warehouse supervisor, Ryan and his wife Marnie

  • Our Marketing Manager Eugene and his wife Julia

  • Si Retail's founder and his partner Sue