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Fri 17th Oct 2014

Shopfitting Term: What is a pegboard?

Shopfitting Term: What is a pegboard?

Pegboard is a brand name, which is used to describe perforated storage boards.  Perforated storage boards are pre-drilled with evenly spaced holes. The holes are used to accept pegs or hooks to support various items, such as merchandise in a retail store and even tools in a workshop. 


A Pegboard sheet is usually up to 5mm thick; with 3mm holes perforated 25mm apart.  The finishes can vary depending on the retailer’s requirements; wood, cardboard, metal or laminated with different colours.

Pegboard is an innovative and low cost way to display merchandise on previously unused wall space in retail. Pegboards are most often used to display small to medium items.

Pegboard is perfect for factories, offices, retail spaces, workshops, garages, kitchens, tradeshows and more.

Pegboard is made out of a thick sheet in comparison to a metal board so it requires display hooks with a longer pin length. 


Metal board is another type of perforated storage board, which is usually thinner and holds different type of display hooks. Though, you can purchase pegboard adaptors for your metal board hooks so they fit peg and volcano boards.

Volcano Board is again another perforated storage board product that is usually made of metal and the holes are concaved. They fit similar hooks than the pegboard.

Slotwall is a different type of board, which does not have holes but instead slats. You can purchase display hooks especially designed for slotwalls but all pegboard and volcano board hooks will fit slotwalls. Only metal boards require a different display hook design. 


In summary, Pegboard hooks are the most versatile display hooks on the market:

  • Pegboard hooks fit Pegboard, Volcano board and Slotwall and they will also fit metal boards with a pegboard adaptor.  
  • Metal Board hooks fit metal boards 
  • Slotwall hooks fit Slotwalls

SI Retail offers a wide range of pegboard / Volcano display hook options, although we do not sell the pegboard itself:


You can purchase display hooks for Pegboard, Slotwall, Metal board, but also Corrugated wall, Grid wire and Cross bar hooks easily on SI Retail’s new website at


Tue 16th Sep 2014

Data Strip Installation Instructions

Data Strip Installation Instructions

We have been selling Data Strips for over 20 years. During that time, this product has always met our customer’s expectations.


You Will Need:

  • Alcohol based Spirit - Available from Hardware Stores - To clean the glue off shelves, usually if you are replacing old data strips
  • A Spatula - It is helpful though not necessary to remove glue from shelving
  • Any Cleaning product - Use to clean the dust off shelving especially if your gondola has been sitting for a while.
  • Soft Cleaning Cloths - These must be clean and dry.
  • A Stanley Knife - To cut the Data Strips to size if required. Though, if you order data strips with SI Retail we will happily cut them to your required length at a nominated cost


Clean the Fronts of the Shelves:

  • Use a clean, dry cloth
  • New shelves require cleaning as well
  • Allow the shelf to dry for 15 minutes


Adhere the Data Strip to the Shelves:

  • Measure the Shelves
  • Cut the Data Strips to size if required. If you order data strips with SI Retail we will happily cut them to your required length at a nominated cost
  • Start at one end of the shelf. Peel a small amount of the double-sided tape at the back and press the Data Strip gently in to position on the front of the shelf. Continue peeling the tape as you move along the shelf.
  • Make sure the top of the Data Strip is lined up with the top of the Shelf.
  • Apply rolling pressure along the entire length of the Data Strip for a minute with a clean cloth
  • Leave the data strip overnight to dry before inserting labels if possible.
  • Gently open the front of the data strip and insert your labels


SI Retail offers a wide range of Data Strips to suit your needs. You'll find Flat Data Strip, Flat Talker Data Strip with a grip to add promotional ticket, Angled and Angled Talker Data Strip ideal for lower shelves as well as Top Tape for glass shelves, Hanging for wire display and Jaw Data strip as a non-adhesive option.   


If you require additional help or advice about how to install your Data Strip, give us a call on 1800 211 122 or send us an email at

Thu 10th Oct 2013

How To Set Up A Wall Mounted Cable Display System?

NEW: Wall Mounted Sign Holder Cable Display SET UP VIDEO

(This instructional video can also be used to help you setting up the ceiling to floor cable systems)

Fri 2nd Aug 2013

How to assemble the new Z Garment Rack

How to assemble the new Z Garment Rack

Z Heavy-duty Rack GR-Z-RACK-BK

Perfect for Department Store, sport and fashion shops or even Industrial Laundry, Dry Cleaner or Scuba Diving equipment. The Z rack is ideal for displaying heavy products such as leather jackets or long pieces of clothing like wedding dresses. Once full you can still roll the clothing rack around with ease.



- Single rail garment rack
- Heavy duty, industrial strength
- Chrome uprights & crossbar
- Black heavy duty ‘Z' base to distribute weight evenly


- Quick & Easy to assemble
- Strong & stable
- 25% thicker steel than standard racks
- Lockable, heavy-duty wheels
- Fold rack for easy storage and transportation
- Very compact when packed


- Tube 30mm diametres
- 1600mm L X 1800mm H X 600mm W
- Hanging space: 1400mm H
- Load capacity: 150kg

Dimensions when packed:

- 13.60kg
- 1700mm L X 220mm W X 130mm D

SI Retail has developed sign holders especially for garment racks. There are available in different sizes, landscape or portrait and they simply clip on to the rail. Check out the range here.

Purchase the Z rack today or browse through SI Retail's garment rack range.

  • Mobile 1 Garment Rack GR-MOBILE

  • Mobile 2 Garment Rack GR-MOBILE-2R

  • Half Ring Rack GR-HR1100

  • Tri Level Garment Rack GR-TL1060

  • H Rack Slot GR-HRACK12

  • Z Heavy-duty Rack GR-Z-RACK-BK

  • Folding Lingerie Tower GR-LT16

  • 4 Way Garment Rack GR-4-2TF2WF9P-T

  • 4 Way Garment Rack GR-4-4WF9P-T

  • 4 Way Garment Rack GR-4-4TF-T

  • GR-2-2WF9P-T

  • GR-2-TFWF9P-T

Wed 12th Jun 2013

Versa Gondola set up instructions