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Tue 22nd May 2012

Helpful Advice for Increasing Sales this Winter

Winter is now upon us, which can mean less shoppers and slower sales in the retail sector. Have you thought about how effective your merchandising displays will be this season? Here are a few ideas to help you increase your sales this winter.

  • Ensure you are well stocked. With the first cold snap in winter, you'll sell a lot of your stock, but what happens after that? If you are busy stocking spring items too early, then you could be losing out on sales.
  • Show the items in use or group them with complementary items.  If you sell clothes, show your customers how to accessorise with the scarves, hats, or gloves you have on offer. If you sell cookware, place a large pot, ladle, soup bowls, soup spoons, and blender together.
  • Change the arrangement or position of your displays regularly. Switch which display takes pride of place at the front of your store. You'll have more chance of attracting new customers this way - after all, if they didn't like what they saw last week, why would they like it this week? Mix up the position of your displays to keep it interesting for your regular customers, too, and show them something they may have missed last time.
  • Don't underestimate the effectiveness of a theme! Base your displays around a winter theme and remember to have fun with it!  Quirky, unique window displays can work wonders at catching people's attention. For a full effect, remember to continue the theme throughout your store.
  • Incorporate stimulation of the senses. If you sell clothes, encourage your customers to touch and feel the fabrics, so they can see for themselves how soft and warm they are. If you sell cookware, why not ensure your store is filled with light, flavoursome aromas? These subtle suggestions can encourage your customers to make a purchase.

SI Retail has a range of products that can help you with your winter merchandising displays.  From garment racks to shelves or freestanding gondolas to dump bins, SI Retail can help you.  We can also help with customised products such as mannequins - and our effective signage solutions cover counter sign holders through to hanging signage.

View the full range at or call us on 1800 211 122 for a catalogue!

Tue 15th May 2012

Inspire Your Buyers: Ideas to Smarten Up Your Real Estate Office and Listed Properties

LivewireTM cable display systems are all the rage in real estate office windows these days. Not only are they stylish and practical, but they also look great and really catch the eyes of passers-by.

SI Retail's LivewireTM cable display system runs from the ceiling to the floor, offering full coverage of your window and providing ample space for you to display your window cards.  Your window cards simply slide into the folded sheets of clear acrylic, which come in A4, A3 or A2 configurations.

The anodised aluminium tracking option enables the LivewireTM configurations to be changed easily. Simply install your tracking to the size of your window and slide the top and bottom LivewireTM connectors across the tracking and re-secure in place. This saves unnecessary drilling in the ceiling and floor when your signage configuration needs to change with added properties. The "invisible" cable wire holds it all together without drawing attention away from what you want people to look at - your listings!

Outside your office, standard or premium catalogue stands are great for holding the latest version of the Homes Pictorial or your own catalogue.  Customised signboards also work well to show people when your office is open and what it is you deal in: houses, land, units, townhouses, etc.

Inside your office, acrylic brochure holders are great for holding rental lists or property brochures - and business card holders go without saying!  SI Retail also sells acrylic sign holders, which can be placed on the counter to notify customers of important information, such as "We Do Not Accept Cash", "No Rentals Currently Available", or "Please Ring the Bell if Reception is Unattended". (Keep an eye out for SI Retail's newest and most affordable brochure holder range, due in June.)

FlyBanners and A-frames are also great for indicating which property is open for inspection.  FlyBanners are available in teardrop and feather styles, and can be custom printed to suit your brand, logo and message - or you can try the stock standard "Open" message. A-frames can be placed at the property's entrance to serve as a brand reminder and also to convey important information, such as the opening times and the salesperson that is on site.

By making it as easy as possible for your customers and getting them off on the right foot to begin with, you have much more chance of making a sale! So check out our website today to view our full range of products.  We have plenty of items to help you!  If we are missing something from our real estate range that you have been trying to source, please let us know by calling 1800 211 122

Tue 10th Apr 2012

Ensure Your Customers Get Your Message Loud and Clear with Acrylic Sign Holders

SI Retail's acrylic sign holders are ideal for displaying important information, and because they can be used in any environment, they are a useful signage option for all industries.

Whether your office needs a "Please Ring the Bell" sign when reception is unattended, your bank needs a "This Teller is Closed" sign, or your video store needs a "Rental Returns" sign to indicate the return chute, SI Retail's range of acrylic sign holders will suit your needs.

With SI Retail's acrylic sign holders you can avoid the plain old printout stuck to the counter that will inevitably grow dirty and tatty over time.  With SI Retail's acrylic sign holders, you can ensure that your signs are well protected and are professionally displayed at all times.

And they're affordable too!  We've even recently reviewed our prices to ensure that our acrylic sign holders are offered at the most competitive prices on the market.

Most of our acrylic sign holders are available in A3 to A7 sizes, in portrait or landscape versions, and are either single-sided or double-sided.  These acrylic sign holders are great for use on counters, gondolas, shelves, desks, tables, and furniture - almost any flat, horizontal surface!

Specially designed for restaurant, cafe and pub tables are the 3-way and 6-way menu holders.  These are perfect for displaying food and drink menus, specials, and promotions all in the one place!  SI Retail's 3-way and 6-way menu holders will suit any material in DL size.  We also have spinner menu displays coming soon (contact us for more information).

Pre-printed tickets are also available in all sizes to suit our acrylic sign holdersPre-printed tickets cover the "% Off" and "Under $" ranges, as well as specialty tickets, such as "Clearance", "Prices Slashed", "Was/Now", "Reduced", "1/2 Price", "Sale", and many more!

We can also custom create acrylic sign holders in special shapes or sizes to suit your needs.

To view our complete range of acrylic sign holders, please visit or phone 1800 211 122 to speak with one our friendly staff.

Wed 14th Dec 2011

Handy Hints to Increase Your Sales this Christmas #3: Proper Signage

As mentioned in our previous article, the combination of lighting and signage can make a big difference in drawing your customers to the ‘cold spots' in your store and encouraging them to inspect all of your products.

So, how can you be sure that your ticketing and signage is having the desired effect? The key points to remember are that effective ticketing and signage is always easy to read, contains a simple message, and is well placed in relation to the associated display.

Wherever possible, tickets should always be positioned at eye level so that they are not overlooked. SI Retail's range of ticket frames is especially suited to this purpose. The fixed ticket frames stand at either 150 mm or 300 mm and can be placed on shelves (as can our acrylic sign holders, which come in various sizes). The telescopic ticket frames are a great floor signage option, as they come with an adjustable stem that stands from 300 mm to 500 mm.

Care needs to be taken, though, to ensure that your ticketing and signage never blocks your product displays. Using magnetic ticket frames and hanging ticket frames will help to ensure that your signs are still at eye level without obscuring the products they are advertising.

The size of the ticket that you use should also be consistent with the size of the display. For example, if you have a bulk display, you should have a larger ticket. Our acrylic sign holders come in varying sizes, from A7 up to A3, and can help you to achieve this consistency.

Don't clutter your store: remember, ‘less is more'! Cluttered stores can be a big ‘turn-off' for customers, so avoid the urge to put all of your stock on display. Instead, only put some of your stock out and incorporate signs into the display to advise customers of the other styles, colours, and sizes that may be available. Again, our acrylic sign holders are perfect for this job, as are our sign holders with sign clamps.

Make sure that all items in your store are clearly marked with a price, and don't forget to draw attention to your ‘impulse items' by placing them in a convenient, eye-catching position (such as at the end of an aisle or on the counter) and signing them appropriately.

Research has shown that most people don't like seeing cash registers when they enter a store because it reminds them that they are spending money. So disguise your cash register by transforming your counter into its own display by using multi-rack counter display stands and counter ticket frames.