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Tue 29th Nov 2011

Promote Your Message Effectively with Customised Banner Stands

Pull-up banner stands from SI Retail are the perfect promotional signage option. Popularly seen at trade shows and exhibitions, banner stands are also ideal for shopping centres, retail stores, events and showrooms.

SI Retail can custom print your banners for you, and by using their existing artwork templates you can be assured that your images will fit onto the banners exactly as you want them to.  SI Retail's custom made banners are printed at 600 x 600 dpi on 210 gsm polypropylene, which is pre-laminated to prevent the edges from curling.

Promotional signage companies who do their own printing can purchase the banner stand kits on their own, which include the base, pole and a carry bag.

Banner stand bases are available in Standard and Deluxe styles.  Both are easily erected, stand around 2 m tall and come in widths of either 850 mm or 1200 mm.  When packed away, these banner systems are compact, portable and weigh in at just over 6 kgs.

To find out more about banner stands, contact SI Retail on 1800 211 122 or visit to order online.


Wed 3rd Aug 2011

Outdoor Promotional Signage – A Great Range at Affordable Prices

Outdoor advertising is vital for road facing outlets and stores with front acreage. FlyBanners are a popular outdoor banner that is commonly used throughout Australia to enhance brand awareness and flag down passers by. SI Retail not only offers a range of banner sizes and styles, they also have unique offerings:

  • Make a new banner for your existing pole display no matter where it was purchased
  • Take customisation to the next level by adding your own branded label to the flag

In need of a new printed banner for your existing flying banner? SI Retail can easily create a new template to suit your specifications and have a custom printed flag to you 2 weeks after artwork approval. There are no minimum print orders required.

SI Retail also offers custom label printing for the side of your FlyBanner to distinguish your brand from the rest. This is an optional extra that can be used to prevent theft of generic message feather and teardrop banners as well as make a point of difference for your brand.

The printed banner market is highly competitive and finding the right supplier can be a hassle for many brands. So how do you decide between product offerings?

  • Ask what material is being used, the finish and the process. Is it screen or digital printing etc
  • Ask about what you get for your dollar. Does the price include a set up fee for printing, do you get all the hardware and are any bases included?

SI Retail can easily answer these questions. SI Retail uses Polyester UV Stabilised material for their FlyBanners, which is suitable for outdoor usage and increases the product's longevity. The printing processes used include: Screen Printing, Digital Printing and Dye Sublimation. Dye Sublimation is a heat transfer printing technique. You can be guaranteed of the quality of outdoor flags SI Retail provides.

When purchasing a FlyBanner, SI Retail offers their customised feather and teardrop banners with both a spike base, 4 prong surface base and water bag with carry case. SI Retail's option gives you the choice to use your banner on a hard surface or in the ground. The carry case makes it easy for transportation to any location to promote your brand. Why not try a feather or teardrop FlyBanner from SI Retail to improve your outdoor advertising?

For other promotional signage and custom signage solutions contact SI Retail on 1800 211 122 or visit

Wed 22nd Sep 2010

New FlyBanner Stock Now Available

FlyBanners are an effective marketing tool for retailers. Available in two styles and many sizes, Teardrop or Feather FlyBanners are ideal for flagging down passing traffic. Open and Sale FlyBanners create simple yet impacting messages when placed at the front of your outlet.

FlyBanners are an ideal outdoor signage choice due to their size and ability to utilise unused space. If you have a prominent store position in highly populated streets, placing flying banners at your entrance and repeating multiple banners along the roadside creates a dynamic roadside promotion.

Open and Sale FlyBanners from SI Retail come with all mounting components including; surface base, spike base for soft ground use, pole and carry bag with single sided printed banner. The banners are digitally printed, allowing your message to be seen on both sides of the banner.

FlyBanners are fantastic signage tools for car yards, sporting events, tradeshows, grand openings and sales. Outdoor banners work well in the breeze creating a moving promotion, which increases your chance of captivating your audience. FlyBanners can be customised to suit your message and branding at great prices.

Feather and Teardrop FlyBanners are available with single or double sided printing. Feather Banners are available in 3, 4, and 5m sizes and Teardrop FlyBanners in 2.5, 3.4 and 4m sizes. FlyBanner bases have a stylish chrome finish accompanied by black stem.

If you want to try a unique and effective outdoor signage tool, why not try a FlyBanner today?