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Tue 5th Feb 2013

Check out the New X-GLOO Website for Australia and New Zealand

X-GLOO Website

X-GLOO Website

SI Retail is pleased to announce the launch of their new X-GLOO website at

X-GLOO is the ultimate branding tool. It is a unique event tent that will enhance your brand exposure for trade shows, festivals, exhibits and any outdoor or indoor events.

X-GLOO is part of the German company Skywalk GmbH & Co. KG, which was founded in 2001 by four passionate paragliding pilots and kiters. Years of experience with aerodynamics and robust yet lightweight materials were assimilated to create the X-GLOO products.

In 2008, X-GLOO won the prestigious reddot design award, which is one of the largest international product design competitions. With multiple styles and various add-ons, the individual design possibilities of the X-GLOO are endless. What's more, X-GLOO is stylish, inflatable, weatherproof, handy and can be set up by one person in 10 minutes.

Since its launch in Europe in 2001, X-GLOO has impressed international brands such as Reebok, Red Bull and Honda for its clever functionalities and branding capabilities. Thanks to SI Retail, X-GLOO is now available in Australia and New Zealand and you can check out our new website at The website is informative, it enables you to browse through the X-GLOO range and see examples of brands using the X-GLOO tent for different occasions. You can also access technical data such as Artwork specification and instructions.

For a 3D design of what your X-GLOO could look like, contact Paul Davie on (07) 3801 0024 or at

Professional:     High quality workmanship for indoor and outdoor use.

Aerodynamic:   Stable up to 60km/h (32 knots) wind speed.           

Customisable:   Individually designable advertising medium.           

Independent:    Only requires one person to be pumped up and is ready in minutes

Flexible:              Variable side elements in various configurations.

Modular:             Unlimited expansion with tunnel elements.           

Silent:                   No noise from blowers or fans. No continuous air needed!  

Design:                 Designed according to "form follows function".     

Distinguished:  Winner of the red dot design award 2008.

Mobile:                 Easily transportable with a backpack or trolley.

For a 3D design of what your X-GLOO could look like, contact Paul Davie on (07) 3801 0024 or at