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Mon 29th Jul 2013

Historic cars under X-GLOO



The new fahr(t)raum Museum owned by family Piech-Nordhoff in Mattsee near Salzburg presented Ferdinand Porsche's first race car under the trendy X-GLOO Event Tent: Within the framework of this year's Gaisberg Race in Salzburg, the legendary Oldtimer was displayed under an eye-catching 5×5 X-GLOO.

We were searching for something special for the presentation of our one-of-a-kind race cars. After all, Ferdinand Porsche made history with this race car when he won the Prinz-Heinrich-Fahrt in 1910, recounts Roland Aigner MBA, Manager of the advising communication agency COCO of Salzburg, The chic X-GLOO tent impressed us with design as well as clever functionality!"

The fahr(t)raum Museum chose a white X-GLOO with Canopy and Canopy Banner.

Our client was especially impressed by the many branding options of our tent system" says Erich Grossar of GROSSAR innovative products in Austria.

The Canopy Banner was digitally printed with the museum logo to make it even more eye-catching!" The lightweight tent can be personalized according to CI-guidelines on the roof, canopy, canopy banner, side walls or tubes.

The sky is the limit as far as creativity is concerned, making the X-GLOO an image carrier par excellence.

The X-GLOO Event Tent impresses thanks to its extraordinary igloo-like appearance and quick setup: by just 1-2 people  - according to tent size - inflated in just minutes with air, it stands securely on asphalt, sand, grass, water or snow. Thanks to the robust yet still lightweight material, the lightweight tent is highly suited for indoor-  and outdoor use: The X-GLOO is water-resistant and wind-stable, offers UV protection and fulfills the B1/CPAI-84-fire protection norm.

The X-GLOO can be quickly closed by zipping on the wall elements: Entrance Wall, Window Wall, simple Side Wall or Half Wall. You can also combine X-GLOOs, even of different sizes, by zipping on the Tunnel element. The premium tent is available in sizes 4×4, 5×5, 6×6 and 8×8 meters and offers numerous functional accessories such as the X-Relax Seating, the LED-Light Set or the recently developed Water Ballast Barrels.

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  • X-GLOO_Fahrtraum

  • Gaisberg-Race

  • Invicta S-Type Low Chassis by Frank Fox

  • Gaisberg-Race by Frank Fox

  • Gaisberg-Race by Frank Fox

  • Gaisberg-Race by Frank Fox

Mon 29th Jul 2013

New X-GLOO Event Tent element: HALF WALL

SI Retail Half Wall

SI Retail's Half Wall

X-GLOO is expanding its product range of wall one new item.

HALF WALLS for X-Act and X-Pert

Along with the standard, entrance, window and dividing walls for X-Act and X-Pert modules, a half wall is also now available. For the quickly available X-Act module, the half wall can be digitally printed and for the X-Pert module*, the half wall is available in all of the standard colors and with all branding options.


Colour X-PERT Half Wall

  • X-GLOO HalfWall

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Tue 23rd Jul 2013

X-GLOO France at Prolight + Sound



Europodium, the French X-GLOO distributor, was a recent exhibitor at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt from April 10 - 13, 2013. In the outdoor area, Europodium displayed the inflatable X-GLOO Event Tent in the 6×6 meter module: Equipped with a canopy and including banner, the X-GLOO lightweight tent is a trendy eyecatcher available in sizes 4mx4m, 5mx5m, 6mx6m and 8mx8m. The extensive branding options of the X-GLOO quickly transform the chic igloo-like tent into an attractive marketing tool.

,The X-GLOO simply had to appear at the leading tradeshow worldwide for event technology and services", said Yann Kreye, Project Director of Europodium.  ,We are proud to present the tent system here and look forward to winning over even more clients with the perfect functionality and unusual design of this premium tent".

Thanks to the robust materials, the X-GLOO is the perfect allrounder for any event, indoors or outdoors. The X-GLOO is waterproof, UV-resistant and fulfills the B1/CPAI-84-fire protection norm. Additional plus points of the X-GLOO - the simple setup and light weight. Easily transported by trolley or transport bag, it can be set up in a flash and stands securely on any surface.

By combining multiple X-GLOOs - also of different sizes - event organisers can create a ,tent city" of any size.  ,This is a terrific option, above all for large events", according to Everhard Uphoff, Director of Marketing and Sales X-GLOO Germany. ,The tents can be connected to one another by zipper, quickly and easily."

In addition, the X-GLOO tent can be equipped with different side wall elements: Clients can choose between completely closed walls, walls with window or door or even a half wall, and the tent interior has multiple clips for the attachment of an inner partitioning wall.

The X-GLOO product range becomes complete with the X-Relax seating, in the same material and construction as the tent system. The X-Relax is also available in all colors and branding options.

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