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Mon 21st Nov 2011

Pegboard and Metalboard Display Hooks: Two Very Similar Hooks, One Big Difference!

While the display hooks for pegboards and metalboards may look almost identical, there is one very big difference.  The length of the prong that supports the hook in the board is longer on the pegboard display hook than on the metalboard display hook.  The reason for this is that the pegboards are made of a thicker material than the metalboards, so the prongs need to be longer to match the board's thickness.

It is, therefore, imperative to choose the right hooks for the right board, otherwise they won't fit.

Metalboards are not the only boards that are made out of metal.  Pegboards can also be made out of metal, which is where the confusion often lies.  To avoid choosing the wrong hooks for your board, keep these differences in mind:

  • Metalboards are made from a metal sheet about 1mm thick and feature flat ‘hole-punches'.
  • Pegboards are a lot thicker, and the pegboards that are made out of metal have concave holes on one side that spout into convex holes on the other side.

Pegboards go by many different names, including €˜metal pegboards, €˜punch panels, €˜volcano boards and crater boards.