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Mon 10th Aug 2015

2015 Retail Store Trends coming out of China by SI Retail

2015 Retail Store Trends coming out of China by SI Retail
Photo by Shasa store in Los Angeles designed by Dalziel and Pow

Here at SI Retail, we always keep up with current industry trends. We travel regularly with our team to attend retail tradeshow and to visit factories, stores and showrooms. Every trip shows us new, exciting, and innovative product ideas and every time we learn more about the manufacturing process so we understand capabilities and we can be proactive in finding better solutions for our customers.

It is a combined effort between our staff in China and our Australian team to assure we bring the best to our customers. To stay ahead of the market, we allow our team members an in-depth look into these factories and the processes they go through so that our team understands what is possible and our customers have access to the latest products.

In February 2014, we went to the Euro shop Tradeshow in Dusseldorf, Germany, the world’s leading retail trade fair. We identified trends in Lighting, cardboard displays, fixtures mounted from ceilings and the raw, industrial look.

Read about all the 2015 Retail Store Trends identified at the 2014 Euro Shop by SI Retail

All these trends are already available in our factory in China. We select innovative factories, which keep up with retail trends to ensure we offer state of the art fixtures and displays to our customers so your craziest ideas are possible.

At SI Retail, you can rest assured that everything you source from us, whether it be ‘off the shelf’, or ‘custom made’ is always based on the latest trends.  Our deep understanding of manufacturing processes enables our team to go beyond your specifications and beyond what the factory thinks they can do. By understanding manufacturing process, our team is able to always recommend the most efficient way to transform your vision into reality. 

If you want something specific or if you saw anything interesting in the gallery below get in contact with us at or on 1800 211 122 and visit our website


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  • Custom Display - Industrial look

  • Concealed wall strip with fixtures incorporated into walls

  • Raw Industrial store display

  • Vintage look

  • Lighting in displays


Mon 26th Aug 2013

Hardware Store Fixtures From China to New Zealand

Hardware Store Fixtures From China to New Zealand

This new concept is all about the outdoors and a trusted company was needed to supply the fixtures.

Super Retail Group fitted out 13 New Fishing Camping Outdoors stores: a new brand and concept in New Zealand.

SI Retail were contracted to supply the metal fittings for these new stores.  "We were chosen due to our existing relationship with Super Retail Group," explains Brendan Dales, SI Retail's National Business Manager for Strategic Accounts, "as we've worked with them on fitting out their Super Cheap Auto, BCF and Ray's Outdoors stores here in Australia.  Our competitive prices out of China also made us an obvious choice."

As well as having a comprehensive range of shopfitting supplies available, SI Retail also has the capabilities to custom create fittings to suit specific requirements.  Dales confirms that, "We provided all the metal work in store.  Some of it was custom created for these specific stores, and some of it was from our range of standard SI Retail items."

The custom created items included:

-       Wire television stands (which were innovatively built for the purposes of shelving, product promotion and digital viewing)

-       Kayak stands

-       Fishing rod holders

-       Mannequins

-       Metal gondolas

-       Certain display hooks

-       Competition boxes

From the standard SI Retail range came

-       Data stripping

-       Garment racks

-       Wall strip and accessories

-       Slotwall accessories

-       Dump bins

-       Shelving

-       Ticket frames

-       Catalogue stands

-       Acrylic signage

-       Shoe shelves

-       Shopping baskets.

From the initial stages of quoting through to placing the order, the process took around eight months. 

"Once the pricing was approved, samples were made and then the client and I flew to China to sign off on the samples at the factory," says Dales.  "This is something that SI Retail does for all major projects, as it gives the customer a better understanding of our whole operation."

Once the items were finalised, it took only a few months before the store rollouts began.  "After sign-off, a forecast was implemented to ensure that we were able to meet the opening dates and then manufacturing commenced," continues Dales.  "We had to ensure that the custom fixtures and the SI standard lines were consolidated in the warehouse to ensure that all stock was being distributed at once, eliminating any potential back orders.  Once the stock arrived, it was a matter of managing the forecast, warehouse and delivery dates to ensure that the goods were at the store on the required fit out date."

One of the major challenges that SI Retail needed to overcome was the inconsistencies in product quantities for each store, which changed dramatically after the first few fit outs took place.  "This was a constant battle until an average order quantity was established," confirms Dales.

The results have been very positive. "All the feedback that we have received has been consistently positive," says Dales.  "The stores are trading well and our ability to supply large rollouts has gained more credibility."

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