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Tue 10th Feb 2015

SI Retail's February Sale - Store Supplies

SI Retail's February Sale - Store Supplies

Over 200 store products, up to 70% off for a limited time only.

We have selected a wide range of quality store products covering all your in-store needs in terms of signage, displays and fixtures. All these products are on sale so you can improve your store merchandising at low cost for the New Year. This offer is available only in February so don’t miss out and visit now.

Every week we will feature different types of products from slot wall gondolas to ticket frames and data strips so don’t miss out and visit SI Shop regularly.  


Week 1 Sale – Brochure Holders – Slotwall Gondolas – counter displays

Display a combination of products on shelves and hooks with the stylish slot wall gondolas.  UP TO 60% OFF

Display multiple booklets with our range of brochure holder displays, ideal for hotels, travel agencies, newsagencies and real restates. UP TO 55% OFF

We also have a great deal on our spinner display, which is perfect to display small items such as jewellery, key rings and stickers


Week 2 sale – Display hooks – Data Strips

Various point of sale accessories are also on sale at up to 70% off so you can display pricing and product information clearly and cheaply.




We have also selected various display hooks, which are on average 50% off:


We will add products featured on week 3 and 4 of February soon with the direct link to the product pages for easy browsing and shopping.

Fri 17th Oct 2014

Shopfitting Term: What is a pegboard?

Shopfitting Term: What is a pegboard?

Pegboard is a brand name, which is used to describe perforated storage boards.  Perforated storage boards are pre-drilled with evenly spaced holes. The holes are used to accept pegs or hooks to support various items, such as merchandise in a retail store and even tools in a workshop. 


A Pegboard sheet is usually up to 5mm thick; with 3mm holes perforated 25mm apart.  The finishes can vary depending on the retailer’s requirements; wood, cardboard, metal or laminated with different colours.

Pegboard is an innovative and low cost way to display merchandise on previously unused wall space in retail. Pegboards are most often used to display small to medium items.

Pegboard is perfect for factories, offices, retail spaces, workshops, garages, kitchens, tradeshows and more.

Pegboard is made out of a thick sheet in comparison to a metal board so it requires display hooks with a longer pin length. 


Metal board is another type of perforated storage board, which is usually thinner and holds different type of display hooks. Though, you can purchase pegboard adaptors for your metal board hooks so they fit peg and volcano boards.

Volcano Board is again another perforated storage board product that is usually made of metal and the holes are concaved. They fit similar hooks than the pegboard.

Slotwall is a different type of board, which does not have holes but instead slats. You can purchase display hooks especially designed for slotwalls but all pegboard and volcano board hooks will fit slotwalls. Only metal boards require a different display hook design. 


In summary, Pegboard hooks are the most versatile display hooks on the market:

  • Pegboard hooks fit Pegboard, Volcano board and Slotwall and they will also fit metal boards with a pegboard adaptor.  
  • Metal Board hooks fit metal boards 
  • Slotwall hooks fit Slotwalls

SI Retail offers a wide range of pegboard / Volcano display hook options, although we do not sell the pegboard itself:


You can purchase display hooks for Pegboard, Slotwall, Metal board, but also Corrugated wall, Grid wire and Cross bar hooks easily on SI Retail’s new website at


Tue 26th Aug 2014

Cardboard Displays & Fixtures in visual merchandising

Cardboard Displays & Fixtures in visual merchandising

Cardboard ticks all the boxes of a trendy and cost effective display. Cardboard is eco friendly, recyclable, low cost and gives a raw, unfinished look to your store.


At the Euroshop 2014, the visual merchandising trend that stood out was the raw and industrial look, which appeals to an increasingly environmentally conscious consumer.  Cardboard fits perfectly within this year’s store design trends.


Read 2014 Visual Merchandising Trends

Read 2014 trends: THE RAW & INDUSTRIAL LOOK


Cardboard displays are one of the most cost effective in-store advertising mediums. Cardboard can be designed as point of sale displays, counter displays, dump bins and even furniture. The benefits of cardboard displays allow them to be custom designed in any shape or size, branded, as well as strengthened to suit their required longevity. Further benefit of cardboard displays is the shipping price. Cardboard can be folded into a flat pack considerably reducing the freight cost.


It’s important to note that while regular, unwaxed, cardboard — made of two layers of cardboard with a crimped layer in between also called corrugated board, can be recycled, the waxed corrugated fibreboard variety cannot.


When we talk about cardboard, we think cheap, tacky, temporary and fragile but now, they are making incredible things with cardboard. Some displays can hold up to more than 200kgs.


SI Retail is looking at sourcing cardboard displays from its factory in China and maybe adding them to their range. If you are looking for something specific or if you are simply interested in cardboard displays give us a call on 1800 211 122 or email us at While we don't offer cardboard displays as part of our range of shopfitting products yet, we stock a range of corrugated board accessories and hooks.     


See below a selection of amazing store layouts, which incorporate cardboard as an essential material for displays and fixtures. 


  • LOW, a store and bar
  • Emmaus second hand s
  • Deskontalia store by
  • l’Eclaireur shop by
  • Arenal2 Pharmacy by
  • Companhia Douro e Vo
  • Sass & Bide flagship
  • MonsterScape booth b
  • POP UP! Triwa Pop-up
  • Nudie Jeans Ephemera
  • POP UP! Lulamae Pop-
  • L’Atelier Cafe, Cluj
  • POP UP! Naver App Sq
  • POP UP! Naver App Sq
  • Design furniture by
  • Cardboard Exhibition
  • Beautiful Window Dis
  • These are cardboard
  • 'Home is where the _
  • Cardboad Fixtures MD
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Thu 21st Nov 2013

Christmas Store Windows

Clever store windows, attract people's attentionWe have prepared a selection of Christmas store windows. Some are spectacular, some are funny or easy to reproduce and others are so clever. Enjoy!

  • Branch out  and use
  • A simple and cost ef
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Australian Christmas
  • Australian Christmas
  • See how to create ef
  • See how to create ef
  • See how to create ef
  • See how to create ef
  • See how to create ef
  • Christmas in Summer
  • Christmas in Summer
  • See how to create ef
  • WOW See how to creat
  • See how to create ef
  • See how to create ef
  • See how to create ef
  • See how to create ef
  • See how to create ef
  • Shoes Christmas tree
  • Germany Christmas GR
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Uniqlo, Christmas 20
  • The Conran Shop See
  • 80's Christmas See h
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Thu 24th Oct 2013

Retail Display 101: Dump Bin increase sale by 427%

by William Cho

by William Cho

Christmas is right around the corner so, is your store ready to "wow" your customers? Dump Bins are the cheapest and most effective way to increase impulse buy. According to U.S. studies by the Russell R. Muller Retail Hardware Research Foundation sales increase by 427% when you place products in a Dump Bin.

Dump Bins are floor standing displays used for promotional, seasonable and clearance products. They are designed to increase the product visibility and encourage impulse sales by creating a sense of urgency and by playing with the shoppers desire to find a bargain.

Everybody loves a bargain that is why flea markets and discount stores are so popular. But more importantly, people are fascinated by a treasure hunt, and that is why a full and messy dump bin will encourage shoppers to chase the bargain.

Sales per displayOn the left are some results from the Russel R. Muller Foundation research that analyse the efficiency of different store displays.

Dump Bins are good for all your everyday and slow moving products but Christmas is not a time to get rid of unwanted items, it is a time to make as much profit as possible. Use Dump Bins to sell your slow moving product all year round but for Christmas try Dump Bins to sell high margin products. According to this study, temporary Dump Bins increase sales by up to 427%.

Why are Dump Bins so effective?

- They create a sense of urgency
- They create a sense of a bargain
- They focus on seasonal products that they need now
- They make shopping more entertaining

How to use your Dump Bin for maximum efficiency?

- Position the Dump Bin in a high traffic area
- Leave at least 1m clearance around the display
- Make sure it does not clutter the shop
- Focus on one category of products but add different colours so that shoppers have to look through the display
- Focus on seasonal products
- Choose items that can be easily picked up
- Keep the Dump Bin full
- Don't tidy up the display
- Change the product weekly
- Keep the life of the Dump Bin short as it will encourage people to come back for the next bargain
- Add signage to clearly highlight the discount
- Add colour to your Dump Bin
- Take the Dump Bin off the floor for a couple of weeks after 2 or 3 product changes
- Ensure the display is safe
- Ensure your staff know the product

Check out SI Retail's Dump Bins

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