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Wed 20th May 2015

PROVEN PARTNERS: Supercheap Auto and SI Retail fitout partnership

PROVEN PARTNERS: Supercheap Auto and  SI Retail fitout partnership

In 1994 Supercheap Auto required a reliable partner to supply all the display fixtures and fittings for their stores and have them on hand for their store expansion program.


Working hand in hand

Based on a handshake, we put a deal in place that would create a 26 year-long partnership. They constantly look to us for improvements and new ideas on how they can adapt and optimise different retail environments.

Today, we’re still thriving together, supplying display fixtures and fittings across all the Super Retail Group’s brands.


A major player in our growth

“SI Retail has been a major player in the growth of the Supercheap Auto Group for some 16 years now.

From early on with only a few retail outlets in Brisbane through to our mass expansion over recent years, SI Retail have been there to supply the fittings we have needed on time, every time. It is with suppliers like SI Retail that we as a group can achieve great things.”

Supercheap Auto Group


Check out more of SI Retail's case studies on our new corporate website at

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Wed 13th Nov 2013

Retail Christmas Tips: Attract Customer With Effective Window Displays

Primark Window by The One Off

Primark's Window by The One Off, a retail and branding design agency based in the UK

Find the picture here

We all know that Christmas is the biggest time for retail sales, but what can you do to make sure you get the most out of the silly season? Getting shoppers into your store is the first step. You only have a few seconds to grab a shopper's attention and lure them into your store, and window displays can make or break a shopper's decision to enter. Remember, a bunch of things shoved randomly in a window is not a window display.

So what are the essential elements of an effective window display?

Balance: Asymmetrical or symmetrical displays as long as it is balanced. Asymmetrical visuals always attract the eye because it stands out but it is much more difficult to balance.
Size of Objects: Place the largest object into the display first as it helps to balance the other elements.
Colour: Set the mood and trigger feelings.
Focal Point: Where do you want the shoppers' eyes to go? Use the product, signage and background colour to attract the eye.
Lighting: Should accent focal point, if possible.
Simplicity: Less is more so know when to stop and don't add too many items.

Read More About Creating Effective Displays

The problem is, creating a great window display is time-consuming, head scratching and expansive. The LiveWire cable system is the best way to create professional window displays that changes with the season. Purchase one display and use it for all your promotions.

How do you create affordable and effective window display?

The LivewireTM cable display system is a stylish and space-saving ceiling to floor shelving option that is ideal for showcasing your prime products. Choose one focal point per shelf and ensure that everything else only acts as an accompaniment to that focal point. Too much clutter can detract from your featured products.

SI Retail's acrylic risers allow you to create varying depths and heights for you to display your featured products, which will catch shoppers' eyes.

These products should also be enhanced with smart lighting that complements both day and night.

Make sure you are fully stocked with the products that you are promoting in your displays, and avoid promoting "limited edition" items. It is also advisable to place widely appealing and affordable products in your window display, so that customers are not discouraged by high prices and eclectic tastes.

If you are working to a theme, such as Christmas, keep this in mind while decorating your display, and stay within the one colour scheme or choose opposite colours for effect. Consistency is always highly effective.

When setting up your display, view it from outside as often as you can to ensure that it is working, and continue to tweak it as necessary. This may seem time-consuming, but your hard work will ultimately pay off through increased traffic and sales. And don't be afraid to ask your customers what they think; their feedback can be invaluable.

Above all, remember to keep those windows clean! Don't let those grubby finger marks ruin your hard work.

And for your inspiration, below is a selection of displays that uses the LiveWire Cable System

  • Ceiling to Floor Cab
  • Wall Mounted Wire Di
  • Wall Mounted Cable D
  • Wall Mounted LiveWir
  • Wall Mounted Wire sy
  • Wall Mounted Cable S
  • LiveWire Cable Syste
  • Christmas Window Dis
  • Apple Store using th
  • LiveWire Cable SYste
  • Wall Mounted LiveWir
  • LiveWire Cable Syste
  • LiveWire Cable Displ
  • Great use of the Liv
  • Great artistic displ
  • Tension Divider Chec
  • Art Display Systems:
  • Tension Cable System
  • Ceiling to floor cab
  • Check out our SI Ret
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Mon 5th Aug 2013

Increasing Shelf Efficiency In Your Retail Store

Product placement in your store is one of the best ways to increase sales for FREE. For instance, moving a product from the bottom shelf to the eye-level shelf has proven to increases sales by as much as 87%.

To start I would suggest that you take your shelves and split them into four distinctive levels, and then organize your products on them accordingly, starting with:


1.    Lower Level, up to 3 feet from the floor up.

When you consider placement of products at this level realize that it is a level that people will easily overlook when they are browsing your isles (especially if your isles are tight), and so you have a choice of two things that you want to place here to maximize sales.

-    Larger items that are harder to miss

-    Anchor products (both primary and secondary)

Ideally items that people will be looking for specifically, will work the best here. Realize also that you might have some labeling size constraints. Make sure that whatever products you place at this level the labels are large enough for people to see what they are, without having to go down on their haunches.


2.    Middle Level (3 feet to 5 feet)

Chances are that most people have this section of your shelves in their main view, even if they are fairly close to the shelves. This means that any products that are less important, but you would like to get high visibility for, should be placed at this level. This is a great area for placing small label items as well.


3.    Main Level (5 feet o 6 feet)

This is without a doubt the most visible section of your shelves, and if planned well could be the best producing section of your shelves. In this section placement of "want products" will prove a good call, especially if they complement secondary anchors in the same location, at lower levels.


4.    Above 6 feet

Unfortunately at this level safety of customers become a real concern and so placement of items above this level need to be very conscientiously done, taking into account that larger products have the potential to fall and cause injury. Items also become harder to reach and so this should probably be used as a display for items that are attached to the shelves, and for display purposes only. In this case large items can be put on display.

Realize however that if you intend to use this section to display items that are for sale off the shelf, you need to maintain product size and height limits, for both the safety of your staff and your customers. I would also suggest that you place items with more visible labels at this level to ensure that customers do see it.


As a last tip. Make sure to use your shelf and shelf line ends properly by using it for products that require high levels of visibility to sell. These tend to be focus points for moving customers, and more often than not properly utilizing this will make a huge difference to your ability to sell certain items.

VM: Retail Shelf placement infographic


For the most part, when planning placement just follow some logic. Walk your isles and see what you notice. Which heights work and which do not depending on products. Do not be afraid to experiment until you find the perfect combination of size, and visibility. Let this be your guide to getting better producing shelves.

Pieter Heydenrych is the President of NetMecca, an online Retailer following a Revenue Sharing Business Model, dedicated to the creation of various income streams, including passive income streams for members. To get your share, go to:

Article Source: [] Increasing Shelf Efficiency In Your Retail Store

Tue 23rd Apr 2013

SI Direct: Solutions to fit out a chain of stores

SI Direct

SI Direct

SI Retail developed the SI Direct business model to provide customised solutions for all your shopfitting requirements from concept through to delivery at the lowest overall cost while ensuring high quality.

Our own office and bond warehouse in China

This is possible because we have established our own office and bond warehouse in China to provide solutions in sourcing, manufacturing and shipping. This ensures the supply chain is fully controlled - from the start of your project through to its completion.

SI Direct eliminated the middleman

SI Direct eliminates the middleman so costs are reduced and quality and risk is better controlled. The main goal of SI Direct is to reduce costs and achieve the most efficient lead times and quality outcomes for your project. SI Direct drives a selection of processes that eliminates waste and allows the most direct route for project management, manufacturing and distribution designed specifically for each business partner.

Communication and information management

In China, we have a bilingual team of designers, quality controllers, project coordinators, product buyers and a logistic team. The right blend of Australian and Chinese management gives us the unique ability to completely understand your requirements and correctly convey them throughout the manufacturing and shipping processes.

Strong relationship with Chinese factories

We have developed strong relationships with several factories so that we can provide endless manufacturing possibilities. We have developed Guanxi with our partner factories. More than just a working relationship, Guanxi is a deeper understanding of each other's needs and wants that goes both way. Guanxi can only be developed through time and trust. Once you have Guanxi with a particular factory your needs and special favours are carried with respect.


How SI Direct works

SI Direct

SI Direct: Shopfitting solutions for retail chain stores

In Australia, our Business Development team will design a plan that suits your individual needs. Once the project has been collated, it goes to our China Coordination Centre and both teams ensure all information is conveyed correctly. Our China Coordination Centre provides feedback to the Australian team on all checkpoints throughout the process. The project is then sent to our partner factories for manufacturing. We then kit products and label pallets in China according to store requirements and we pack containers for efficient unloading. It then gets bulk shipped direct to stores or to the destination of your choice.

Give us a call today on 1300 434 775 to arrange an appointment with one of our SI Direct business managers for a free consultation.

Mon 4th Mar 2013

Retail Display Information

boating fishing and camping

Boating Fishing and Camping

Quality retail displays equipment might be seen as trivial expenses but they are powerful tools to increase in-store sales. According to the studies carried out at the University of Minnesota, Retail Display Fixtures Can Affect Consumer Perceptions Of Products (ScienceDaily (Oct. 17, 2008).  This article will explain why retail displays are so important to generate sales. Additionally, it will introduce an overview of display solutions and explore ideas surrounding store designs.


Can You Afford to Ignore the Potential of Powerful Retail Displays? By []Joseph Plosky

Shop and Retail Displays

Can you afford to ignore the potential of powerful retail displays?  Do you consider quality retail display equipment a frivolous expense or an absolute necessity?

The answer is an absolute necessity!! Retail display equipment affords you the opportunity to drastically increase sales if used to their fullest potential.  According to the studies carried out at the University of Minnesota, Retail Display Fixtures Can Affect Consumer Perceptions Of Products (ScienceDaily (Oct. 17, 2008)).  So in today's competitive retail market, can you really afford to ignore their powerful potential?

Why are Retail Displays Important?

As a small retailer or business you only have limited opportunities to grab your customer's attention - and make them notice and buy from you instead of your competitors.Poor retail displays, cheap equipment and untidy displays can give the wrong first impression to potential customers.  And even if you do get the customers through your door because of your reputation or good advertising, it can all be a waste if your shop doesn't meet your customer's expectations.

Busy or overcrowded displays can also put off your customers. But it doesn't have to be all doom and gloom! You can achieve powerful retail displays without having to spend a fortune.

Retail Display Options

There are a huge variety of display options on the market to choose from.  From the cheap and nasty to the ridiculously priced, display equipment is varies widely.  If you are on a budget, it is a good idea to start with some basic essential retail display products, but don't sacrifice on quality.  Depending on your individual shop display requirements remember that display fixtures affect the customer's perception of your product.

A common retail display products are display cabinets.  These can be used effectively to merchandise your products.   Merchandising is about understanding the way customers shop and you can position your merchandise effectively in display cabinets and display counters to increase sales.  Glass display cabinets, counters, trophy cabinets, glass showcases, jewellery cabinets and wall mounted display cabinets cater for all budgets and display requirements.

Display Shelving is an important element in keeping your store organised and presentable. If your shop doesn't have enough shelving or is overcrowded customers won't be able to find what they need. Before ordering shelves for your shop, carefully plan out how much of each type of display element you will need for your products.

Professional, attractive picture and poster displays are a must for all retail environments to enhance your shop or window display Retail graphic displays are an effective way to create brand awareness and promote your product.

So the message is don't skimp on your display budget.  They will enhance your products, get customers through the door and increase sales.  POD Retail Displays has a huge range of retail display products at very competitive prices.

Joe Plosky


SI Retail offers a wide range of glass cabinets, display counters and wall or freestanding displays for all budgets and requirements at

If you need a stylish cabinet to store and display colorful products, check out our glass cabinets.

If you need metal gondolas to create aisles or end bays, check out our infinitely customizable range of metal gondolas.

If you want to create freestanding displays, check out our range of freestanding slotwall displays.

Don't forget to browse through our clearance section for great price on these products.


Display expertise at POD Retail Display Systems []Retail Displays

Article Source: [] Can You Afford to Ignore the Potential of Powerful Retail Displays?

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