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Mon 17th Feb 2014

POP: Effective In-store media

SI Retail's End-Signs since 1974

SI Retail's End-Signs since 1974

















In-store Media and Display Trends 2014

The trends in shop fitting are increasingly about:

  • Change: Modify displays at least once per month
  • Flexibility: Versatile displays and interchangeable signage systems
  • Do it Yourself: Installed and easily assembled by store staff


Role of In-store Media

The role of In-store media is to attract, engage, assist, inform and create excitement to transform shoppers into customers.


Attract & Engage with POP Media

  • Attract customers in-store
  • Engage with them on a personal level by providing a solution to their problem. "What am I going to cook for dinner?"

The End-sign, a wall mounted sign display at the entry of your store is a great medium to drive impulse sales from people passing by and to increase your brand exposure. For retailers positioned in long shopping centres, having an end-signs fixed to your store window increases the chance of customers noticing your brand. This is also useful when customers are specifically looking for your outlet. It makes it easy to spot you in the crowd.  As a tip, End-sign works particularly well when several are positioned in a row.

The Livewire cable display system is the most cost effective signage system on the market as it is forever customisable. The system is simply a steel cable onto which clear acrylic frames are connected to hold your signage. It's invisible look enables you to not only advertise your promotions but also to create stunning picture walls that you can refresh as often as you want. The Cable display system ticks all the box of the 2014 shop fitting trends; it is interchangeable, flexible and easily installed and refreshed by a store assistant. No more stickers use it as a store window and refresh the signage to reflect the current season and promotions. The Livewire is also the perfect solution to keep your community and notice boards organized and attractive while staying practical.


Educate & Inform with POP media

POP: SI Retail's data strips & Talkers

  • Guiding customers in-store to the right category
  • Introducing new/improved products or promotions

Hanging signs are great to guide customers through the store and hanging sign accessories allow you to display signage at various heights. For end-aisles, quad-ramas are great as they create a 360-degree hanging display. Poster grips are ideal for aisle signage and SI Retail can also custom create grocery aisle signs with changeable panels to suit retailers' requirements.

Keep your shelf pricing in order with data strips. Angled data strips are particularly effective in making pricing more visible on lower shelves, while the talker data strips allows for extra promotional tickets to be added without additional signage clips which are often lost. As a tip, multiple tickets on the one shelf attract the eye.  If you display products on hooks, make sure they are at the same level, sizes and colours and use talker flip label holder to insert extra promotional tickets directly on the hook. Finally, use clip strips to bring complimentary lines together for cross selling.


Assist & Improve customer's shopping experience

  • Help them break through the clutter of advertising
  • Help them solve a problem. "I could cook chicken, it is on promotion."

We live in a fast-paced society where everyone seems to have even less time to do things, so any message needs to be clear, concise and impacting.


Create Excitement with POP Messages and Media

SI Retail's Dump Bins

  • By adding value. "Oh this chicken soup recipe looks delicious."

Change your message to reflect seasons and trends so you can attract customers by engaging them on an emotional level.

People are fascinated by a treasure hunt, and that is why a full and messy dump bin will excite shoppers to chase the bargain. According to U.S. studies by the Russell R. Muller Retail Hardware Research Foundation sales increase by 427% when you place products in a Dump Bin. One of our retailers could not believe how successful the dump bins were, even on high end products, items were literally "walking out the door". SI Retail has now a new adjustable ticket holder for dump bins that simply grip on the wire so no more sign stand that fall over.


About SI Retail

SI Retail has 40 years of experience providing retail solutions in shop fittings, shelving and POP displays to retailers, designers and shopfitters in Australia and New Zealand. SI Retail is a family business that originally invented the iconic End-SignTM seen on storefronts across Australia. The company now warehouses over 2000 product lines, has the ability to custom-make most things, has established an office and bond-warehouse in China to ensure efficiency and quality and has developed SI Direct, a dedicated supply chain management service to reduce costs, lead times and risks when fitting out multiple stores across the country.

Thu 24th Oct 2013

Retail Display 101: Dump Bin increase sale by 427%

by William Cho

by William Cho

Christmas is right around the corner so, is your store ready to "wow" your customers? Dump Bins are the cheapest and most effective way to increase impulse buy. According to U.S. studies by the Russell R. Muller Retail Hardware Research Foundation sales increase by 427% when you place products in a Dump Bin.

Dump Bins are floor standing displays used for promotional, seasonable and clearance products. They are designed to increase the product visibility and encourage impulse sales by creating a sense of urgency and by playing with the shoppers desire to find a bargain.

Everybody loves a bargain that is why flea markets and discount stores are so popular. But more importantly, people are fascinated by a treasure hunt, and that is why a full and messy dump bin will encourage shoppers to chase the bargain.

Sales per displayOn the left are some results from the Russel R. Muller Foundation research that analyse the efficiency of different store displays.

Dump Bins are good for all your everyday and slow moving products but Christmas is not a time to get rid of unwanted items, it is a time to make as much profit as possible. Use Dump Bins to sell your slow moving product all year round but for Christmas try Dump Bins to sell high margin products. According to this study, temporary Dump Bins increase sales by up to 427%.

Why are Dump Bins so effective?

- They create a sense of urgency
- They create a sense of a bargain
- They focus on seasonal products that they need now
- They make shopping more entertaining

How to use your Dump Bin for maximum efficiency?

- Position the Dump Bin in a high traffic area
- Leave at least 1m clearance around the display
- Make sure it does not clutter the shop
- Focus on one category of products but add different colours so that shoppers have to look through the display
- Focus on seasonal products
- Choose items that can be easily picked up
- Keep the Dump Bin full
- Don't tidy up the display
- Change the product weekly
- Keep the life of the Dump Bin short as it will encourage people to come back for the next bargain
- Add signage to clearly highlight the discount
- Add colour to your Dump Bin
- Take the Dump Bin off the floor for a couple of weeks after 2 or 3 product changes
- Ensure the display is safe
- Ensure your staff know the product

Check out SI Retail's Dump Bins

Thu 3rd Oct 2013

Adjustable Ticket Frame Holder

Adjustable Ticket Frame Holder

This new adjustable sign frame stand fits a wide range of dump bins and other mesh products and can be used with any POS ticket frame.

The sign holder stand is adjustable in length. The upper part of the pole slides up to give you an extra 20cm. This Point of sale sign holder is perfect for displaying prices, promotions and additional information and it fit any kind of retailers from supermarkets to hardware stores. This cheap and flexible sign stand is perfect for the coming Christmas holiday.