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Fri 20th Jan 2017

2017 Trends - Wooden Displays

2017 Trends - Wooden Displays

Australia Day is fast approaching and we are very proud to say that we are 100% owned and operated by a wonderful Australian family. This means, our priorities are always focused around YOU (our customer), and how we can utilise our extensive product knowledge to provide YOU with the absolute best service possible.

Did you know that studies have proven, functional and social in-store enhancements directly impact on your bottom line and that new enhancements are more likely to result in consumer loyalty. So what are you waiting for?

Wooden feature walls are this seasons' hottest trend! They are very fashionable and can add an element of sophistication, create a unique product display or just simply, freshen up your store. Compliment your feature wall with our timber hangers and custom-made wooden displays for a beautiful beach theme, guaranteed to attract more customers this Summer!

We have loads of fresh ideas and innovative solutions to optimise your retail environment, so call us today to discuss the many options we have available to quickly and easily create an effective display or special feature wall. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up-to-date with all of the retail trends this year!


  • Custom Displays

  • Haiti uses custom wooden displays in China

  • Mono store in Hawaii

  • Wooden Feature Walls

  • Fashion store wooden display

  • Many stores are utilising wood for a sophisticated look and feel

  • Creme de la Creme - New store

  • Our custom t-shirt display for Surf, Dive n Ski Australia

  • More custom items we have created for Surf, Dive n Ski Australia




Fri 2nd Aug 2013

How to assemble the new Z Garment Rack

How to assemble the new Z Garment Rack

Z Heavy-duty Rack GR-Z-RACK-BK

Perfect for Department Store, sport and fashion shops or even Industrial Laundry, Dry Cleaner or Scuba Diving equipment. The Z rack is ideal for displaying heavy products such as leather jackets or long pieces of clothing like wedding dresses. Once full you can still roll the clothing rack around with ease.



- Single rail garment rack
- Heavy duty, industrial strength
- Chrome uprights & crossbar
- Black heavy duty ‘Z' base to distribute weight evenly


- Quick & Easy to assemble
- Strong & stable
- 25% thicker steel than standard racks
- Lockable, heavy-duty wheels
- Fold rack for easy storage and transportation
- Very compact when packed


- Tube 30mm diametres
- 1600mm L X 1800mm H X 600mm W
- Hanging space: 1400mm H
- Load capacity: 150kg

Dimensions when packed:

- 13.60kg
- 1700mm L X 220mm W X 130mm D

SI Retail has developed sign holders especially for garment racks. There are available in different sizes, landscape or portrait and they simply clip on to the rail. Check out the range here.

Purchase the Z rack today or browse through SI Retail's garment rack range.

  • Mobile 1 Garment Rack GR-MOBILE

  • Mobile 2 Garment Rack GR-MOBILE-2R

  • Half Ring Rack GR-HR1100

  • Tri Level Garment Rack GR-TL1060

  • H Rack Slot GR-HRACK12

  • Z Heavy-duty Rack GR-Z-RACK-BK

  • Folding Lingerie Tower GR-LT16

  • 4 Way Garment Rack GR-4-2TF2WF9P-T

  • 4 Way Garment Rack GR-4-4WF9P-T

  • 4 Way Garment Rack GR-4-4TF-T

  • GR-2-2WF9P-T

  • GR-2-TFWF9P-T