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Wed 20th May 2015

PROVEN PARTNERS: Supercheap Auto and SI Retail fitout partnership

PROVEN PARTNERS: Supercheap Auto and  SI Retail fitout partnership

In 1994 Supercheap Auto required a reliable partner to supply all the display fixtures and fittings for their stores and have them on hand for their store expansion program.


Working hand in hand

Based on a handshake, we put a deal in place that would create a 26 year-long partnership. They constantly look to us for improvements and new ideas on how they can adapt and optimise different retail environments.

Today, we’re still thriving together, supplying display fixtures and fittings across all the Super Retail Group’s brands.


A major player in our growth

“SI Retail has been a major player in the growth of the Supercheap Auto Group for some 16 years now.

From early on with only a few retail outlets in Brisbane through to our mass expansion over recent years, SI Retail have been there to supply the fittings we have needed on time, every time. It is with suppliers like SI Retail that we as a group can achieve great things.”

Supercheap Auto Group


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