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Fri 28th Jun 2013

Heavy Duty Z Rack rolling Garment

SI Retail Z garment Rack

SI Retail Z garment Rack

Perfect for Department Store, sport and fashion shops or even Industrial Laundry, Dry Cleaner or Scuba Diving equipment. The Z rack is ideal for displaying heavy products such as leather jackets or long pieces of clothing like wedding dresses. Once full you can still roll the clothing rack around with ease.


- Single rail garment rack
- Heavy duty, industrial strength
- Chrome uprights & crossbar
- Black heavy duty ‘Z' base to distribute weight evenly


- Quick & Easy to assemble
- Strong & stable
- 25% thicker steel than standard racks
- Lockable, heavy-duty wheels
- Fold rack for easy storage and transportation
- Very compact when packed


- Tube 30mm diametres
- 1600mm L X 1800mm H X 600mm W
- Hanging space: 1400mm H
- Load capacity: 150kg

Dimensions when packed:

- 13.60kg
- 1700mm L X 220mm W X 130mm D

SI Retail has developed sign holders especially for garment racks. There are available in different sizes, landscape or portrait and they simply clip on to the rail. Check out the range here.

Purchase the Z rack today or browse through SI Retail's garment rack range.

Mon 4th Mar 2013

Retail Display Information

boating fishing and camping

Boating Fishing and Camping

Quality retail displays equipment might be seen as trivial expenses but they are powerful tools to increase in-store sales. According to the studies carried out at the University of Minnesota, Retail Display Fixtures Can Affect Consumer Perceptions Of Products (ScienceDaily (Oct. 17, 2008).  This article will explain why retail displays are so important to generate sales. Additionally, it will introduce an overview of display solutions and explore ideas surrounding store designs.


Can You Afford to Ignore the Potential of Powerful Retail Displays? By []Joseph Plosky

Shop and Retail Displays

Can you afford to ignore the potential of powerful retail displays?  Do you consider quality retail display equipment a frivolous expense or an absolute necessity?

The answer is an absolute necessity!! Retail display equipment affords you the opportunity to drastically increase sales if used to their fullest potential.  According to the studies carried out at the University of Minnesota, Retail Display Fixtures Can Affect Consumer Perceptions Of Products (ScienceDaily (Oct. 17, 2008)).  So in today's competitive retail market, can you really afford to ignore their powerful potential?

Why are Retail Displays Important?

As a small retailer or business you only have limited opportunities to grab your customer's attention - and make them notice and buy from you instead of your competitors.Poor retail displays, cheap equipment and untidy displays can give the wrong first impression to potential customers.  And even if you do get the customers through your door because of your reputation or good advertising, it can all be a waste if your shop doesn't meet your customer's expectations.

Busy or overcrowded displays can also put off your customers. But it doesn't have to be all doom and gloom! You can achieve powerful retail displays without having to spend a fortune.

Retail Display Options

There are a huge variety of display options on the market to choose from.  From the cheap and nasty to the ridiculously priced, display equipment is varies widely.  If you are on a budget, it is a good idea to start with some basic essential retail display products, but don't sacrifice on quality.  Depending on your individual shop display requirements remember that display fixtures affect the customer's perception of your product.

A common retail display products are display cabinets.  These can be used effectively to merchandise your products.   Merchandising is about understanding the way customers shop and you can position your merchandise effectively in display cabinets and display counters to increase sales.  Glass display cabinets, counters, trophy cabinets, glass showcases, jewellery cabinets and wall mounted display cabinets cater for all budgets and display requirements.

Display Shelving is an important element in keeping your store organised and presentable. If your shop doesn't have enough shelving or is overcrowded customers won't be able to find what they need. Before ordering shelves for your shop, carefully plan out how much of each type of display element you will need for your products.

Professional, attractive picture and poster displays are a must for all retail environments to enhance your shop or window display Retail graphic displays are an effective way to create brand awareness and promote your product.

So the message is don't skimp on your display budget.  They will enhance your products, get customers through the door and increase sales.  POD Retail Displays has a huge range of retail display products at very competitive prices.

Joe Plosky


SI Retail offers a wide range of glass cabinets, display counters and wall or freestanding displays for all budgets and requirements at

If you need a stylish cabinet to store and display colorful products, check out our glass cabinets.

If you need metal gondolas to create aisles or end bays, check out our infinitely customizable range of metal gondolas.

If you want to create freestanding displays, check out our range of freestanding slotwall displays.

Don't forget to browse through our clearance section for great price on these products.


Display expertise at POD Retail Display Systems []Retail Displays

Article Source: [] Can You Afford to Ignore the Potential of Powerful Retail Displays?

Tue 22nd May 2012

Helpful Advice for Increasing Sales this Winter

Winter is now upon us, which can mean less shoppers and slower sales in the retail sector. Have you thought about how effective your merchandising displays will be this season? Here are a few ideas to help you increase your sales this winter.

  • Ensure you are well stocked. With the first cold snap in winter, you'll sell a lot of your stock, but what happens after that? If you are busy stocking spring items too early, then you could be losing out on sales.
  • Show the items in use or group them with complementary items.  If you sell clothes, show your customers how to accessorise with the scarves, hats, or gloves you have on offer. If you sell cookware, place a large pot, ladle, soup bowls, soup spoons, and blender together.
  • Change the arrangement or position of your displays regularly. Switch which display takes pride of place at the front of your store. You'll have more chance of attracting new customers this way - after all, if they didn't like what they saw last week, why would they like it this week? Mix up the position of your displays to keep it interesting for your regular customers, too, and show them something they may have missed last time.
  • Don't underestimate the effectiveness of a theme! Base your displays around a winter theme and remember to have fun with it!  Quirky, unique window displays can work wonders at catching people's attention. For a full effect, remember to continue the theme throughout your store.
  • Incorporate stimulation of the senses. If you sell clothes, encourage your customers to touch and feel the fabrics, so they can see for themselves how soft and warm they are. If you sell cookware, why not ensure your store is filled with light, flavoursome aromas? These subtle suggestions can encourage your customers to make a purchase.

SI Retail has a range of products that can help you with your winter merchandising displays.  From garment racks to shelves or freestanding gondolas to dump bins, SI Retail can help you.  We can also help with customised products such as mannequins - and our effective signage solutions cover counter sign holders through to hanging signage.

View the full range at or call us on 1800 211 122 for a catalogue!

Wed 11th Jan 2012

Get Those Clothes off the Racks and onto Their Backs!

SI Retail has a complete range of clothing and garment racks to suit any store, from the no-fuss mobile clothes racks to the classier 4-way clothes racks. Looking for an affordable solution? Choose a rack to suit your needs from the examples below.

For temporary displays of sale or promotional items, the mobile garment rack is a great choice as its mobility allows it to be placed in prominent positions, such as outside the storefront. Mobile garment racks are available with either a single arm or a double arm and are set on solid castors for easy transport. The height of the clothing rack and the width of the hangrail are both adjustable, making the mobile garment rack extremely versatile.

Need something to utilise that unused window or wall space? The half round rack - which can be placed against walls or windows - is perfectly suited to storefront window displays and is another great product for fashion retailers to display merchandise near the front of the store or outside the shop front. The castors make it easy to move around as necessary, too.

To get a 360-degree view of your garments, try the ring clothes rack or tri-level clothes rack. The ring rack allows you to display your garments from all angles and has an adjustable height from 1080 mm to 1540 mm. The tri-level rack lets you display your garments at three different levels on the one rack. Castors can be added to turn this into a portable clothes rack, and its folding frame makes it very easy to store away when not in use.

If you need a garment rack to make the most of a smaller space, the 2-way garment rack will be right for you. Set on a 300 mm x 380 mm solid base, the 2-way garment rack is adjustable up to 1800 mm and can come in any one of three different configurations: all straight arms, all waterfall arms, or a mixture of both. The choice is yours! The same applies to the 4-way garment rack, which also packs flat for easy shipping and storage. Castors can be added to the 4-way garment rack to make it portable, too.

Last but not least is SI Retail's lingerie rack. The lingerie rack is perfect for smaller garments and for maximising your product displays. Its folding frame allows for easy storage, and castors can be added to transform the lingerie rack into a portable clothes rack. The lingerie rack comes with 16 twist-on arms.

SI Retail also customises clothing racks in a range of colours and styles to suit your stores. You can also work out a direct shipment plan to your outlets with the SI Direct business model - guaranteed to save you time and money.

Call SI Retail today on 1800 211 122, or visit to check out our full range of clothing racks.

Tue 3rd Jan 2012

Are You Prepared for the Post-Christmas Sales?

Everyone expects sales after Christmas, and they'll be scouring the stores looking for deals. What will you do to make the most of your customers' post-Christmas splurging?

Dump bins are a convenient and popular display stand that you can use to showcase your ‘on sale' stock. What's more, they are suitable for any kind of retailer. Dump bins are available in black or white and also come with or without the base on castors. The bases with castors make the dump bins easily transportable, allowing you to display your sale stock outside your store front, in prime position for passers-by. A3 and A4 acrylic signage can also be added to highlight price points and specials. Plus, dump bins are also collapsible, which facilitates storage after use.

Mobile garment racks are also ideal for getting your ‘on sale' stock in front of passers-by, by placing them outside your store front. Available with a single arm or double arms, the height and width of SI Retail's mobile clothing racks can be adjusted. Round tube sign clamps and A4 portrait or A5 landscape sign holders can also be added to clothes rack to attract attention and provide further pricing or product information. SI Retail's mobile garment racks are easy to set up and can be flat packed after use for easy storage.

SI Retail has a complete range of garment racks available. Visit to view the whole range!


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