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Fri 2nd Mar 2012

Give Your Retail Space a Facelift with Wall Stripping and Accessories

If you're a fashion retailer looking to improve your clothing displays without too much hassle, why not try SI Retail's wall stripping and accessories?

SI Retail's wall stripping is a stylish fitting that screws into your existing walls, allowing accessories and merchandise to be shelved and hung from the display.  Wall stripping is unobtrusive and can be used with most pre-existing store design fittings.

The HangShelf is a unique and versatile two-in-one shelving and hanging system.  Exclusive to SI Retail, the HangShelf was specifically created to satisfy the need to both hang garments and shelve products on the one wall fitting.  With the HangShelf, you can conveniently group complementary products, like dresses and shoes or blouses and handbags (SI Retail also has a handbag stand which can be used with the HangShelf).  Added shelving options for wall stripping - in melamine and glass - are also available.

SI Retail also has hangrails to suit your merchandise.  Utilise the basic wall strip hangrail or choose the funky z-bar hangrail to provide front and side viewing at once. This is particularly convenient if you have a certain style of clothing in a range of colours, as the z-bar can provide a front view of the garment while showing the colour variations side on.  

As well as using hangrails, a variety of wall strip arms can be added to create a dynamic in-store display. Straight arms (available in round or square tube) display garments front on while waterfall arms add depth to this concept by providing a cascading garment effect.  Whatever your needs, SI Retail has a wall stripping solution for your store.

To view the complete wall strip range, check out or phone 1800 211 122 for a catalogue.  If you are located in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast, feel free to call in to our showroom on any weekday between 8:30 am and 4:00 pm to see the wall stripping and accessories in action.

Fri 5th Aug 2011

Hang and Shelf with the one stylish in store fitting for Slatwall and Wall Strip!

Like a normal hangrail the HangShelf displays hanging garments. But because of Hangrail Shelf's unique and adaptable design it can also shelve more stock of the same lines or similar lines, signage or decorations.

Retailers will be able to more conveniently place complimentary lines like shoes and hats where the customers will be searching for similarly marketed garments.

The Hangrail Shelf includes 3 parts that intertwine to look like a seamless single unit. The chrome hangrail is designed to snugly hold either 18mm melamine shelves (stocked in Black, White and Wood grain) or 8mm Glass shelves at the same level in height.

This provides for a more visually appealing slimline look and more space to display. The shelves are designed to sit back against the wall leaving enough space for garments to be hung and the shelf to be utilised from above.

The shelf itself sits on four clips that insert into the hangrail bar, enabling the shelf to sit flush with the bar. The Hangrail Shelf suits both Slot Wall and Wall strip displays and is available in either 600mm, 900mm or 1200mm lengths.

In addition to the space saving and convenience it offers Hangrail Shelf is more cost effective and will save your fit out money.