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Thu 24th Jan 2013

NEW: Hardware hooks.

Hardware hooks

Hardware hooks

Do you need to hang heavy-duty products?

SI Retail has developed new display hooks for hardware stores to hang specific products such as shovels, hammers, grinders, sanders, saws and drills.

SI Retail's hardware hooks are strong and stable and they are designed to suit any pegboard, metalboard or slotwall. They also feature a label holder so that your products are easily priced.

These hardware hooks fit perfectly on our new metal gondola range. Our Versa Gondolas are perfect for hardware stores because they are available in Heavy-Duty with bigger, stronger uprights and legs to display heavy products.

SI Retail gondolas are infinitely customisable. They are available in single and double sided and you can choose to include a combination of pegboard, flat wall or slot wall to create your own display. Depending on the size of the order, you can even choose the colour (Standard is grey).

Please don't hesitate to contact our friendly team on 1800 211 122 or at and we will find you the perfect solution for your needs.

Mon 21st Nov 2011

Pegboard and Metalboard Display Hooks: Two Very Similar Hooks, One Big Difference!

While the display hooks for pegboards and metalboards may look almost identical, there is one very big difference.  The length of the prong that supports the hook in the board is longer on the pegboard display hook than on the metalboard display hook.  The reason for this is that the pegboards are made of a thicker material than the metalboards, so the prongs need to be longer to match the board's thickness.

It is, therefore, imperative to choose the right hooks for the right board, otherwise they won't fit.

Metalboards are not the only boards that are made out of metal.  Pegboards can also be made out of metal, which is where the confusion often lies.  To avoid choosing the wrong hooks for your board, keep these differences in mind:

  • Metalboards are made from a metal sheet about 1mm thick and feature flat ‘hole-punches'.
  • Pegboards are a lot thicker, and the pegboards that are made out of metal have concave holes on one side that spout into convex holes on the other side.

Pegboards go by many different names, including €˜metal pegboards, €˜punch panels, €˜volcano boards and crater boards.

Tue 8th Mar 2011

Just Launched. New Slotwall Freestanding Displays.

If you are after the best price on the market for freestanding slotwall displays look no further. We have done the hard work for you and put together a fantastic new range of affordable slatwall gondolas.

Available in white and woodgrain, slotwall displays are ideal for most retailers. Popular amongst fashion retailers for jewellery and clothing displays, we can also provide complimentary statwall accessories for the freestanding displays.

If you want to see these displays in action visit our showroom and view the quality for yourself. They have a professional finish and suit a variety of shelving and hanging needs.

Why not try a slatwall display today?

  • Stylish Clean Lines Create Real Impact
  • Extensive Range
  • Manouverability
  • Affordability

If you are looking for suitable accessories for the slotwall displays try some of these; hooks, signage, shoe shelves, slotwall garment arms, shelving and brackets.

If you are after another style of freestanding slotwall display contact SI Retail on 1800 211 122 or email