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Wed 29th May 2013

Windows for Promotional Sales

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Tue 5th Feb 2013

Check out the New X-GLOO Website for Australia and New Zealand

X-GLOO Website

X-GLOO Website

SI Retail is pleased to announce the launch of their new X-GLOO website at

X-GLOO is the ultimate branding tool. It is a unique event tent that will enhance your brand exposure for trade shows, festivals, exhibits and any outdoor or indoor events.

X-GLOO is part of the German company Skywalk GmbH & Co. KG, which was founded in 2001 by four passionate paragliding pilots and kiters. Years of experience with aerodynamics and robust yet lightweight materials were assimilated to create the X-GLOO products.

In 2008, X-GLOO won the prestigious reddot design award, which is one of the largest international product design competitions. With multiple styles and various add-ons, the individual design possibilities of the X-GLOO are endless. What's more, X-GLOO is stylish, inflatable, weatherproof, handy and can be set up by one person in 10 minutes.

Since its launch in Europe in 2001, X-GLOO has impressed international brands such as Reebok, Red Bull and Honda for its clever functionalities and branding capabilities. Thanks to SI Retail, X-GLOO is now available in Australia and New Zealand and you can check out our new website at The website is informative, it enables you to browse through the X-GLOO range and see examples of brands using the X-GLOO tent for different occasions. You can also access technical data such as Artwork specification and instructions.

For a 3D design of what your X-GLOO could look like, contact Paul Davie on (07) 3801 0024 or at

Professional:     High quality workmanship for indoor and outdoor use.

Aerodynamic:   Stable up to 60km/h (32 knots) wind speed.           

Customisable:   Individually designable advertising medium.           

Independent:    Only requires one person to be pumped up and is ready in minutes

Flexible:              Variable side elements in various configurations.

Modular:             Unlimited expansion with tunnel elements.           

Silent:                   No noise from blowers or fans. No continuous air needed!  

Design:                 Designed according to "form follows function".     

Distinguished:  Winner of the red dot design award 2008.

Mobile:                 Easily transportable with a backpack or trolley.

For a 3D design of what your X-GLOO could look like, contact Paul Davie on (07) 3801 0024 or at

Thu 24th Jan 2013

Richmond FC & X-GLOO

X-GLOO & Richmond-FC

X-GLOO & Richmond-FC

Richmond FC has recently purchased its very own branded X-GLOO event tent to use on game days and at fundraising events for their charity partners.

"The X-GLOO systems provides us with a fantastic point of difference to other clubs and sporting teams - at events and on game day - in terms of straying away from standard marquees," says Jenkins.

Exclusive to SI Retail, the X-GLOO event tent is a new, eye-catching alternative to the standard marquees, and is perfect for promotional tours, exhibits, sponsorships, festivals, and sporting events. The X-GLOO event tent's quick set up, visual impact, and exclusivity make it a unique and outstanding branding tool. The ability to change messages as necessary, means that the X-GLOO event tent is always current, always appropriate, and always working as a key image-maker. As Paul Davie, Business Manager at SI Retail, explains, "This is one of my favourite aspects of the X-GLOO. It offers the opportunity to continually change the message that it is promoting. The way that the core brand is displayed on the roof, and the story is built on interchangeable walls, means the X-GLOO doesn't have a shelf life."

Since its release in Europe a few years ago, the X-GLOO event tent has been employed by some of the world's leading brands, such as Land Rover, Carlsberg, Red Bull, Etihad, Puma, Reebok, Nike, Goodyear, Hyundai, and Bacardi. "The big brands choose X-GLOO because whether they're at an outdoor event or an indoor exhibition, they know that the X-GLOO gets noticed," Davie confirms. And now Richmond FC is leading the way in Australia by using their branded X-GLOO on game days and at events.

"Our branded X-GLOO will be used on game day, outside our merchandise store near the MCG as an extra sales point for key items of merchandise," explains Jenkins. "We occasionally have fan development events pre-game, which would see us setting up the X-GLOO on our training oval for players to sit under to sign autographs and have photos taken with fans. We've already used it a few times as a registration point for kids' clinics during the school holidays - this was fantastic, as we directed people to register at the ‘Tiger Dome', which they easily identified as our X-GLOO. The main thing that attracted us to the X-GLOO was the ability to take it anywhere and virtually ‘pop' it up and have an instant brand presence. This is important to us as we do a lot of stuff out in the community, and it is not always possible or cost effective to hire traditional marquees."

"The X-GLOO not only looks different to other marquees, but it also operates with a patented inflation system that means there is no blower continually running and making a lot of noise," Davie explains. "With almost limitless customisation possibilities, the X-GLOO stands apart as a truly unique opportunity to promote your brand."

"The X-GLOO systems provides us with a fantastic point of difference to other clubs and sporting teams - at events and on game day - in terms of straying away from standard marquees," says Jenkins. "And this enables us to engage with our customers more readily."

Fri 21st Oct 2011

Colour Co-ordinated Wall Mounted Signs: A Classier Way to Decorate this Christmas

While decorating your store for Christmas, why not incorporate SI Retail's wall mounted signs?  These will help to spruce up your interior décor while avoiding tacky Christmas decorations.

Acrylic wall mounted signs are ideal for retail outlets, cafés and restaurants, and can be easily fixed to almost any wall.  These classy display signs can enhance the pre-Christmas special and post-Christmas sale promotional signage in retail outlets, and the Christmas specials and seasonal menus in cafés and restaurants.

Available in a variety of colours, you can colour co-ordinate your wall signage to fit in with your chosen Christmas colour scheme, whether it be the traditional green and red with flourishes of gold, or the more modern blue and silver.

Subtle touches like this can make all the difference, and you can easily change the wall mounts back to your preferred colour once the holiday season is over.

Thu 25th Nov 2010

Pop It Up Displays make a Big Statement

Pop It Up displays are now more affordable than ever before! Ideal for tradeshows, showrooms and shopping centres the Pop It Up demands attention and is a serious contender in signage displays.  This is a significant display but it also works beautifully as a temporary display due to its manoeuvrability and ease of how it simply packs away into a transportable hard carry case.

Quick and easy set up at your fingertips as the frame simply ‘pops up' and the printing panels attach directly to the frame's magnetic connectors.  None of the restrictions of permanent signage apply and when its time to change a promotion the Pop It Up can be reused.  So if it's value for money your after, the Pop It Up signage display delivers.

Pop It Up displays come complete with all frame components, lights, table top, printing and box wrap printing.  Frame and components are also sold separately if you choose to use your own printed materials.  Pop It Ups easily combine with additional signage display products and SI Retail can provide a range of signage and ticketing solutions that will compliment your Pop It Up.  A catalogue stand alongside your Pop It Up display make a great combination and a visually effective and informative display will positively contribute to your bottom line.

Available in curved or flat Pop It Up styles, we have the best price on the market! If you find a better price call SI Retail on 1800 211 122

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