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Tue 26th Aug 2014

Cardboard Displays & Fixtures in visual merchandising

Cardboard Displays & Fixtures in visual merchandising

Cardboard ticks all the boxes of a trendy and cost effective display. Cardboard is eco friendly, recyclable, low cost and gives a raw, unfinished look to your store.


At the Euroshop 2014, the visual merchandising trend that stood out was the raw and industrial look, which appeals to an increasingly environmentally conscious consumer.  Cardboard fits perfectly within this year’s store design trends.


Read 2014 Visual Merchandising Trends

Read 2014 trends: THE RAW & INDUSTRIAL LOOK


Cardboard displays are one of the most cost effective in-store advertising mediums. Cardboard can be designed as point of sale displays, counter displays, dump bins and even furniture. The benefits of cardboard displays allow them to be custom designed in any shape or size, branded, as well as strengthened to suit their required longevity. Further benefit of cardboard displays is the shipping price. Cardboard can be folded into a flat pack considerably reducing the freight cost.


It’s important to note that while regular, unwaxed, cardboard — made of two layers of cardboard with a crimped layer in between also called corrugated board, can be recycled, the waxed corrugated fibreboard variety cannot.


When we talk about cardboard, we think cheap, tacky, temporary and fragile but now, they are making incredible things with cardboard. Some displays can hold up to more than 200kgs.


SI Retail is looking at sourcing cardboard displays from its factory in China and maybe adding them to their range. If you are looking for something specific or if you are simply interested in cardboard displays give us a call on 1800 211 122 or email us at While we don't offer cardboard displays as part of our range of shopfitting products yet, we stock a range of corrugated board accessories and hooks.     


See below a selection of amazing store layouts, which incorporate cardboard as an essential material for displays and fixtures. 


  • LOW, a store and bar
  • Emmaus second hand s
  • Deskontalia store by
  • l’Eclaireur shop by
  • Arenal2 Pharmacy by
  • Companhia Douro e Vo
  • Sass & Bide flagship
  • MonsterScape booth b
  • POP UP! Triwa Pop-up
  • Nudie Jeans Ephemera
  • POP UP! Lulamae Pop-
  • L’Atelier Cafe, Cluj
  • POP UP! Naver App Sq
  • POP UP! Naver App Sq
  • Design furniture by
  • Cardboard Exhibition
  • Beautiful Window Dis
  • These are cardboard
  • 'Home is where the _
  • Cardboad Fixtures MD
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Wed 18th Jun 2014



International market intelligence, product innovation and a unified business culture are some of the benefits of the relocation of Paul Davie from SI Retail’s Australian Head Office to the Shanghai office.

With more than 10 years experience, in the shop fitting industry, Paul understands what is required to deliver a quality solution. As a project manager he was responsible for numerous successful set-ups. From measurements, floor plans, quoting, product specification, manufacturing to final installation.

He understands the fit out requirements for retail stores and the challenges that go with them.

As State Manager for a shop fitting supply company he gained extensive experience not only leading a team but also the skills required to run a successful retail operation.

Paul will add Australian style, work ethic and customer service to our global offering from Shanghai. Whilst acting as an interface to support communication flow between both offices, he will also be providing market intelligence on the latest international trends.

Being located with the factories provides Paul with a unique opportunity to drive product innovation. SI Retail strives to provide its clients with on-trend and world leading products. We are now positioned to increase this service.

Paul will compliment the existing Shanghai office by adding the Australian element on the ground. A true blending of east meets west. It’s the best of both worlds and now on offer to all of SI Retail’s customers.

Visit for more information about our A to Z fit out services

Visit to purchase shopfitting supplies online

Or, give us a call on 1800 211 122

Thu 21st Nov 2013

Christmas Store Windows

Clever store windows, attract people's attentionWe have prepared a selection of Christmas store windows. Some are spectacular, some are funny or easy to reproduce and others are so clever. Enjoy!

  • Simple yet effective
  • Dior Christmas Windo
  • Trendenser + Granit
  • Branch out  and use
  • A simple and cost ef
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Australian Christmas
  • Australian Christmas
  • See how to create ef
  • See how to create ef
  • See how to create ef
  • See how to create ef
  • See how to create ef
  • Christmas in Summer
  • Christmas in Summer
  • See how to create ef
  • WOW See how to creat
  • See how to create ef
  • See how to create ef
  • See how to create ef
  • See how to create ef
  • See how to create ef
  • Shoes Christmas tree
  • Germany Christmas GR
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Fri 1st Nov 2013


Security Mirror by FundamentumStudios

Security Mirror by FundamentumStudios

Shoplifting in Australia is on the rise

"Retailers report 70 per cent rise in shoplifting in six years in Queensland" (1), this was the title of an article of the Herald Sun, September 2012. Unfortunately this shoplifting trend is on the rise. According to the article, shoplifting losses nationally climbed to an estimated $7.5 billion in 2011, up from $6.8 billion in 2010 and $4.5 billion in 2006.

QUT School of Business researcher Dr Gary Mortimer said shoplifting is costing Australian retailers (2), at least $10 billion each year.

According to a government report called "Understanding and Controlling Retail Theft", (3) a 2-3 per cent loss of sales to shoplifting can amount to about 25 per cent loss in profit. In order to make the most out of the holiday season and increase profit, retailers need to install store security to combat shoplifting.

Type of Shoplifters

Shoplifting Motivations (3)

Shoplifting Motivations (3)

There is another type of shoplifter (4) that comes under the amateur category and it is the Juvenile thieves. They mainly steal for the thrills or because of peer pressure. They act in groups, usually steal recreational items that they are going to use and most of the time they are girls.

Ways of Shoplifting

• "Grab and run"
• Concealing an item with newspapers, Coats, Gloves, Umbrellas, nappy bags...
• Removal of packaging, this technique removes any electronic tagging and give the impression of a used item.
• Switching the price tag
• Refund fraud

Common Stolen Items

According to a 2011 report from the Australian Institute of Criminology, the most commonly stolen items are women clothing, health and beauty products, music, and videos. The least stolen items were found to be men clothing and household furnishings. (Clarke 1999) (5). Clarke developed an acronym CRAVED to summarise the factors, which make an items attractive to thieves. "Concealable, Removable, Available, Valuable, Enjoyable, Disposable." (1999, p. Vi) (5)

Table 4 is taken from a report of the Crime and Prevention of NSW (6) and it provides an overview of the top three most stolen merchandise and their share in each market. When compared with international markets, the majority of items that are most-stolen in NSW are consistent with international trends. "It would seem then that shoplifter's target the same items all over the world and as mentioned tend to focus on small and easily concealed, expensive, branded merchandise."(6)

Most stolen items by Business market

Most stolen items by Business market

Combatting shoplifting

Using customer services

o Greet every customer that enters the store so that the potential thief feels watched.
o Tell staff to make frequent eye contact with customers browsing on their own
o Assign zones to your staff so all areas of the store are being watched
o Implement a procedure for bags brought by customers
o If you notice any suspicious activity alert all staff
o If you notice suspicious behaviours, approach the person and ask if he/she needs help and let her/him know that you will be near.
o Make sure your staff is attentive to the price tag and push them to ask for a price check if unsure

Using Security accessories

o Maintain adequate lighting,
o Install security mirrors to secure "blind spot"
o Use Magnetic Security Device such as SI Retail's Stop Lock
o Use anti-shoplifting signs to scare the potential thief
o If you have a big store, make frequent "fake" announcement about store security to scare shoplifters

• Using a clever store layout

o Design the store so that customers must pass the register area to exit the store
o Block off unused checkout aisles
o Do not display merchandise near the exit
o Keep the store tidy
o Lower displays around the cash register which block the cashier's view of the store
o Store small, expensive items in locked cabinet, behind the counter or add a stop lock
o Be mindful of product placement for all the risky items
o Depending on the size of your store, add a bell to notify your staff when a person enter the store
o Keep the fixtures low near the entry and exit so you have a clear view of the traffic
o Keep the windows clear so that the store is visible from the outside
o Shelving above shoulder height should have security mirrors to ensure staff can see customers on the other side
o Position the gondolas so that aisles are visible from the register

• Implement policies and procedures

o To help your staff deal with shoplifters
o To clearly communicate important policies such as the bag check policy
o Keep a record of the items most commonly stolen from your store.

(5) Clarke, R. V. 1999, Hot products: Understanding, anticipating and reducing demand for stolen goods, Police Research Series Paper 112, Policing and reducing Crime Unit, Home Office, London.

Fri 30th Aug 2013

Innovative Retail Technology for better Shopping Experiences

The future of retail is driven by technology, mobile devices, the web, social media and the search for ever richer shopping experiences. The shopping experience is increasingly becoming customer centric; they can now choose how, when and where to shop. The traditional store will remain important but the store of the future will push the boundary of customer choices and offer personal shopping assistance, product testing, education, virtual inventory and social connectivity. Those innovative services will in turn increase customer loyalty and brand adoption.

Check out our guide to keep up with retail technology here.

In the Best Retail Brands 2013 report, Interbrand highlights that: "The store, as the heart of the brand and its emotional center, cannot be starved of investment and innovation, or appropriate levels of design, media and technology. It needs to be the showcase for interesting new collaborations to keep things exciting, whether it's a luxury jeweller or a humble dollar store."

Let's take a look at how the big brands are adopting new retail technology.


-  POP-UP VIRTUAL STORES - - - WalMart | Mattel | Tesco | Peopod

In 2011, Tesco was the first company to open a virtual store in a Seoul subway station, showcasing items with QR codes that could be scanned and ordered by smartphone for home delivery. Peapod also tested a virtual grocery store in Chicago in 2012 and they are now putting  a virtual store on a truck heading to ballparks, concert venues and coffee shops in five major city along the East Coast of the US. Peapod COO Mike Brennan said in a statement. "This go-round, we're exploring new, hyper-local platforms to communicate our convenience message of 'Shop Anywhere, Anytime with Peapod."

Tesco: Homeplus Subway Virtual Store


-  TWEET MIRRORS - - - Westfield | Mexx Duesseldorf 

Tweet mirrors enable shoppers to take picture of their outfits and instantly share them with their friends on Twitter and Facebook.

Mexx Duesseldorf Tweet Mirror


- VIRTUAL FITTING ROOM - - - Face Cake Swivel | Top Shop

Virtual fitting rooms enable people to try (virtual) clothes & accessories without getting undressed or battling through a busy shop. The camera is able to monitor the customer's movements and tell when they turn around in order to show them the back of the garment too. This technology has spread like wild fire, you can find one at Robina on the Gold Coast.

Virtual Dressing room



Adidas took window shopping to the next level, There is nothing to explain just watch the magic happen.

Adidas NEO Window Shopping



Adidas have created an in-store digital experience to showcase their 8,000+ shoe range. It can be deployed to allow almost any retailer to sell the entire Adidas product range without having to be a flagship store in a major city, which is a huge win for all sorts of retailers big and small.

Intel and Adidas Transforming Retail


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