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Tue 16th Jun 2015

Reliable Supply Partners: The REPCO fitout by SI Retail

Reliable Supply Partners: The REPCO fitout by SI Retail

With over 400 stores in Australia, Repco requires a reliable ongoing supply of general point-of-sale products to fulfil their ‘new and refurbish’ program.


Always one step ahead

By anticipating and forecasting Repco’s needs, we are able to fulfil their requirements for fixtures such as shelving and retail displays. We also hold stock to ensure Repco always has a reliable supply of these products available.

The support we give Repco with forecasting and stock holdings has allowed our relationship to grow for over 10 years.


Quick turnaround

“Repco has been purchasing from SI Retail for over 12 years now and they have consistently provided us with quality point of sale products. We can always rely on SI Retail to have stock available with quick turnaround time to our stores.

Sometimes our store programs can leave us with very short notice to roll out a store. However, we can always count on the team at SI Retail to support us and ensure stock is sent out to stores as soon as possible. We will continue to work with the SI Retail team and we hope to continue to grow our relationship with them for many years to come.”

Brian Ferris

GPC Asia Pacific (Repco Brand)


Check out more of SI Retail's case studies on our new corporate website at


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Fri 18th Oct 2013

Point of Purchase Displays Inspiration

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Wed 28th Aug 2013

Easy & Cheap Store Display Ideas

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Fri 1st Mar 2013

NEW Displays: Customisable Gondolas

SI Retail's Versa Gondolas

SI Retail's Versa Gondolas

Whether you need to create freestanding aisles, end bays or wall displays, SI Retail's new Versa Gondolas are infinitely customisable and fit a wide range of accessories and hooks. They are perfect for supermarkets, convenience stores, hardware stores, auto shops or even pharmacies.

The Versa Gondolas are available double sided to create freestanding aisles as well as single sided for end bays or wall displays. They also come in different widths, lengths and heights to fit your available floor space.

You can assemble your gondolas according to your needs. You might select a pegboard wall at the top to display product on hooks and a set of shelves at the bottom to store bulkier items. These gondolas give you the ability to combine different products around a theme to encourage additional sales. You could for example, create a promotional Easter end bay display.

The Versa Gondolas are also available in heavy-duty with bigger, stronger uprights and legs perfect for hardware and auto stores to display heavy products.

SI Retail is a solutions provider so we are highly flexible - depending on the size of the order, we can customise colours or add features to suit your needs.

Key features of SI Retail Versa Gondolas:

  • Perfect for supermarket, convenience stores, hardware stores, auto shops and pharmacies
  • Infinitely customisable design
  • Used as wall, freestanding or end bay displays
  • Available single and double sided
  • Available in standard and heavy duty
  • Choice of pegboard, flat wall or slot wall
  • Fit a wide range of slotwall and pegboard accessories and hooks.
  • Available in grey but depending on the size of the order, we can customise the gondola to your needs

Check out SI Retail's Versa Gondola range TODAY