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Tue 10th Feb 2015

SI Retail's February Sale - Store Supplies

SI Retail's February Sale - Store Supplies

Over 200 store products, up to 70% off for a limited time only.

We have selected a wide range of quality store products covering all your in-store needs in terms of signage, displays and fixtures. All these products are on sale so you can improve your store merchandising at low cost for the New Year. This offer is available only in February so don’t miss out and visit now.

Every week we will feature different types of products from slot wall gondolas to ticket frames and data strips so don’t miss out and visit SI Shop regularly.  


Week 1 Sale – Brochure Holders – Slotwall Gondolas – counter displays

Display a combination of products on shelves and hooks with the stylish slot wall gondolas.  UP TO 60% OFF

Display multiple booklets with our range of brochure holder displays, ideal for hotels, travel agencies, newsagencies and real restates. UP TO 55% OFF

We also have a great deal on our spinner display, which is perfect to display small items such as jewellery, key rings and stickers


Week 2 sale – Display hooks – Data Strips

Various point of sale accessories are also on sale at up to 70% off so you can display pricing and product information clearly and cheaply.




We have also selected various display hooks, which are on average 50% off:


We will add products featured on week 3 and 4 of February soon with the direct link to the product pages for easy browsing and shopping.

Wed 14th Dec 2011

Handy Hints to Increase Your Sales this Christmas #3: Proper Signage

As mentioned in our previous article, the combination of lighting and signage can make a big difference in drawing your customers to the ‘cold spots' in your store and encouraging them to inspect all of your products.

So, how can you be sure that your ticketing and signage is having the desired effect? The key points to remember are that effective ticketing and signage is always easy to read, contains a simple message, and is well placed in relation to the associated display.

Wherever possible, tickets should always be positioned at eye level so that they are not overlooked. SI Retail's range of ticket frames is especially suited to this purpose. The fixed ticket frames stand at either 150 mm or 300 mm and can be placed on shelves (as can our acrylic sign holders, which come in various sizes). The telescopic ticket frames are a great floor signage option, as they come with an adjustable stem that stands from 300 mm to 500 mm.

Care needs to be taken, though, to ensure that your ticketing and signage never blocks your product displays. Using magnetic ticket frames and hanging ticket frames will help to ensure that your signs are still at eye level without obscuring the products they are advertising.

The size of the ticket that you use should also be consistent with the size of the display. For example, if you have a bulk display, you should have a larger ticket. Our acrylic sign holders come in varying sizes, from A7 up to A3, and can help you to achieve this consistency.

Don't clutter your store: remember, ‘less is more'! Cluttered stores can be a big ‘turn-off' for customers, so avoid the urge to put all of your stock on display. Instead, only put some of your stock out and incorporate signs into the display to advise customers of the other styles, colours, and sizes that may be available. Again, our acrylic sign holders are perfect for this job, as are our sign holders with sign clamps.

Make sure that all items in your store are clearly marked with a price, and don't forget to draw attention to your ‘impulse items' by placing them in a convenient, eye-catching position (such as at the end of an aisle or on the counter) and signing them appropriately.

Research has shown that most people don't like seeing cash registers when they enter a store because it reminds them that they are spending money. So disguise your cash register by transforming your counter into its own display by using multi-rack counter display stands and counter ticket frames.