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Mon 18th Apr 2011

In Store Shelving Made Easy with the New Slatwall Shelf Bracket Clip

The new slotwall shelf clip has arrived at SI Retail. Perfect for retailers utilising slatwall displays and wall systems in-store. The concept is simple yet effective for stores with glass shelving. Lightweight with satin chrome styling, the slotwall shelf bracket will suit most glass shelves. Being aluminium, the shelf clip is not as heavy as traditional chrome brackets and cheaper to ship. Although lightweight, the slotwall shelf clip is solid and sturdy when in place and supports glass shelving effectively.

From its name, the shelf bracket clip is exactly that. Just slide in your glass shelf and the bracket grips it in place. Its versatile design caters for glass shelving thicknesses of 6, 8 and 10mm. The shelf bracket clip is designed to save you money as a multi purpose bracket fitting. If you are worried about scratches on your glass shelves the slatwall shelf clip has protective shelf rubbers designed to secure your shelf and reduce scratching.

Utilising glass shelving throughout your retail store highlights your product displays and provides a clean, crisp appearance. To keep a consistent, stylised look throughout your store, the slotwall shelf clip effectively compliments glass shelving.

If you are after a unique, versatile and easy product shelving solution the slatwall bracket clip is a great choice. To find out more information visit or call 1800 211  122. SI Retail also provides glass shelving in 900 and 600mm lengths to suit the slotwall bracket clip. If you are after other glass shelf dimensions just ask SI Retail for a quote.