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Tue 10th Apr 2012

Ensure Your Customers Get Your Message Loud and Clear with Acrylic Sign Holders

SI Retail's acrylic sign holders are ideal for displaying important information, and because they can be used in any environment, they are a useful signage option for all industries.

Whether your office needs a "Please Ring the Bell" sign when reception is unattended, your bank needs a "This Teller is Closed" sign, or your video store needs a "Rental Returns" sign to indicate the return chute, SI Retail's range of acrylic sign holders will suit your needs.

With SI Retail's acrylic sign holders you can avoid the plain old printout stuck to the counter that will inevitably grow dirty and tatty over time.  With SI Retail's acrylic sign holders, you can ensure that your signs are well protected and are professionally displayed at all times.

And they're affordable too!  We've even recently reviewed our prices to ensure that our acrylic sign holders are offered at the most competitive prices on the market.

Most of our acrylic sign holders are available in A3 to A7 sizes, in portrait or landscape versions, and are either single-sided or double-sided.  These acrylic sign holders are great for use on counters, gondolas, shelves, desks, tables, and furniture - almost any flat, horizontal surface!

Specially designed for restaurant, cafe and pub tables are the 3-way and 6-way menu holders.  These are perfect for displaying food and drink menus, specials, and promotions all in the one place!  SI Retail's 3-way and 6-way menu holders will suit any material in DL size.  We also have spinner menu displays coming soon (contact us for more information).

Pre-printed tickets are also available in all sizes to suit our acrylic sign holdersPre-printed tickets cover the "% Off" and "Under $" ranges, as well as specialty tickets, such as "Clearance", "Prices Slashed", "Was/Now", "Reduced", "1/2 Price", "Sale", and many more!

We can also custom create acrylic sign holders in special shapes or sizes to suit your needs.

To view our complete range of acrylic sign holders, please visit or phone 1800 211 122 to speak with one our friendly staff.

Mon 7th Nov 2011

Increase Your Sales with Ticket Frames – the Simple Signage Solution!

Shoppers are more inclined to purchase products when clear pricing and product information is readily presented to them.  Ticket frame sign holders are the versatile signage option that can put this information in front of your customers – thus increasing your sales!

SI Retail’s telescopic and fixed ticket frames are the economical floor signage option.  Available in red, black and blue and in both A4 and A3 sizes, their sturdy bases avoid flimsy-looking signage displays.  The fixed ticket frames are either 150 mm or 300 mm high, while the telescopic ticket frames come with an adjustable stem so that you can set them to any height (up to 600 mm).

Our new magnetic ticket frames come with a magnetic clip that will attach to any metal surface.  These new signage systems are available in black only in both A4 and A3 sizes.  This new design can be manipulated as desired to show your ticket at various angles.  Magnetic ticket frames are great for garment racks or metal gondolas.

Hanging ticket frames are the ideal signage option for hanging product information from cords and wire baskets.  The two clear hanging clips can be easily attached to and removed from the ticket frame, which is available in both A4 and A3 sizes.  Hanging ticket frames are the perfect signage systems to use in fresh produce displays or livewire freestanding shelf displays.

Counter ticket frames are a simple and effective signage solution for counter and table use, or on gondolas. The two clear clip-feet are easily attached to and removed from the A4 or A3 sized ticket frames, which come in either red, black or blue.

If our stock standard colours don’t match your visual identity, don'€™t worry!  We will happily custom-create ticket frames to suit your needs.

SI Retail can help you with pre-printed tickets too, so why not give us a call on 1800 211 122 to discuss how our signage services can help you.  Alternatively, you can visit to shop online.