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Mon 4th Mar 2013

Retail Display Information

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Quality retail displays equipment might be seen as trivial expenses but they are powerful tools to increase in-store sales. According to the studies carried out at the University of Minnesota, Retail Display Fixtures Can Affect Consumer Perceptions Of Products (ScienceDaily (Oct. 17, 2008).  This article will explain why retail displays are so important to generate sales. Additionally, it will introduce an overview of display solutions and explore ideas surrounding store designs.


Can You Afford to Ignore the Potential of Powerful Retail Displays? By []Joseph Plosky

Shop and Retail Displays

Can you afford to ignore the potential of powerful retail displays?  Do you consider quality retail display equipment a frivolous expense or an absolute necessity?

The answer is an absolute necessity!! Retail display equipment affords you the opportunity to drastically increase sales if used to their fullest potential.  According to the studies carried out at the University of Minnesota, Retail Display Fixtures Can Affect Consumer Perceptions Of Products (ScienceDaily (Oct. 17, 2008)).  So in today's competitive retail market, can you really afford to ignore their powerful potential?

Why are Retail Displays Important?

As a small retailer or business you only have limited opportunities to grab your customer's attention - and make them notice and buy from you instead of your competitors.Poor retail displays, cheap equipment and untidy displays can give the wrong first impression to potential customers.  And even if you do get the customers through your door because of your reputation or good advertising, it can all be a waste if your shop doesn't meet your customer's expectations.

Busy or overcrowded displays can also put off your customers. But it doesn't have to be all doom and gloom! You can achieve powerful retail displays without having to spend a fortune.

Retail Display Options

There are a huge variety of display options on the market to choose from.  From the cheap and nasty to the ridiculously priced, display equipment is varies widely.  If you are on a budget, it is a good idea to start with some basic essential retail display products, but don't sacrifice on quality.  Depending on your individual shop display requirements remember that display fixtures affect the customer's perception of your product.

A common retail display products are display cabinets.  These can be used effectively to merchandise your products.   Merchandising is about understanding the way customers shop and you can position your merchandise effectively in display cabinets and display counters to increase sales.  Glass display cabinets, counters, trophy cabinets, glass showcases, jewellery cabinets and wall mounted display cabinets cater for all budgets and display requirements.

Display Shelving is an important element in keeping your store organised and presentable. If your shop doesn't have enough shelving or is overcrowded customers won't be able to find what they need. Before ordering shelves for your shop, carefully plan out how much of each type of display element you will need for your products.

Professional, attractive picture and poster displays are a must for all retail environments to enhance your shop or window display Retail graphic displays are an effective way to create brand awareness and promote your product.

So the message is don't skimp on your display budget.  They will enhance your products, get customers through the door and increase sales.  POD Retail Displays has a huge range of retail display products at very competitive prices.

Joe Plosky


SI Retail offers a wide range of glass cabinets, display counters and wall or freestanding displays for all budgets and requirements at

If you need a stylish cabinet to store and display colorful products, check out our glass cabinets.

If you need metal gondolas to create aisles or end bays, check out our infinitely customizable range of metal gondolas.

If you want to create freestanding displays, check out our range of freestanding slotwall displays.

Don't forget to browse through our clearance section for great price on these products.


Display expertise at POD Retail Display Systems []Retail Displays

Article Source: [] Can You Afford to Ignore the Potential of Powerful Retail Displays?

Fri 4th Jan 2013

Solutions for all retailers

Glass Cubing Display Systems - Pillow Talk

Glass Cubing Display - Pillow Talk

SI Retail's range of generic and custom-made shop fittings and displays suit small and large retailers from any industries - from custom-designed gondola and flexible display systems to signage, hooks and innovative data strips, SI Retail has you covered.

For a flexible and eye catching display, try our unique Freestanding Slot Wall, designed to attract customer's attention. They are mobile and can be placed in high foot traffic areas to showcase best sellers. They can also be used to test effective selling positions and they are ideal for store window displays. The Freestanding Slot Wall comes in different sizes with adjustable shelves to suit your products and desired eye level. Our Spinner Slotwall Gondolas are only 460mm wide, they spin and they can fill a void in store without impacting on your retail floor space.

SI Retail has developed a range of ingenuous slot wall accessories that can also fit any in-store wall system. The accessories include hangrails, straight, waterfall and crank arms, sign holders, shoe shelves and a wide range of hooks. The hangshelve for example, has the ability to hang garments and shelve products at the same time.

If you need a product allowing you to store multiple items, acting as a display and a storage space in one, try out our Glass Cubing display systems. They are stylish, modern, and can be used as window, wall or freestanding displays.

SI Retail is a family-run business committed to giving customers the best opportunities. That's why we've established our own office in China to provide services in sourcing manufacturing and shipping. This ensures the supply chain is fully controlled - from the start of your project through to its completion.

Give us a call on 1800 211 122 to discuss your requirements with our Business Managers.

Mon 21st Nov 2011

Pegboard and Metalboard Display Hooks: Two Very Similar Hooks, One Big Difference!

While the display hooks for pegboards and metalboards may look almost identical, there is one very big difference.  The length of the prong that supports the hook in the board is longer on the pegboard display hook than on the metalboard display hook.  The reason for this is that the pegboards are made of a thicker material than the metalboards, so the prongs need to be longer to match the board's thickness.

It is, therefore, imperative to choose the right hooks for the right board, otherwise they won't fit.

Metalboards are not the only boards that are made out of metal.  Pegboards can also be made out of metal, which is where the confusion often lies.  To avoid choosing the wrong hooks for your board, keep these differences in mind:

  • Metalboards are made from a metal sheet about 1mm thick and feature flat ‘hole-punches'.
  • Pegboards are a lot thicker, and the pegboards that are made out of metal have concave holes on one side that spout into convex holes on the other side.

Pegboards go by many different names, including €˜metal pegboards, €˜punch panels, €˜volcano boards and crater boards.

Wed 8th Jun 2011

Affordable Shelving Solutions from SI Retail

Affordable Shelving Solutions from SI Retail

Stylish and effective in-store shopfittings at a great price are what every retail store sets out to achieve when designing their outlets.  Every brand is unique. So what shelving options cater to brand styling whilst still being practical and affordable?

There are many shelving choices available to retailers. Depending on display needs and positioning throughout the store, there are a range of styles that are impacting.

Freestanding displays are a professional in store shelving option. Freestanding slatwall and freestanding livewire cable displays are impacting and easy to maneuver in-store. When situated correctly, non fixed displays allow for testing of; effective selling positions, high foot traffic areas and best sellers.

Many retailers choose to use slatwall panels or wall strip in their store to easily add a range of arms, signage and shelving options to the fixtures. SI Retail has improved on traditional in store shelving solutions and designed the HangShelf.  This product specifically improves on wall strip and slatwall shelving options for fashion retailers. The HangShelf has the ability to hang garments and shelve products at the same time. This maximises and enhances space used throughout the store while also creating a unique display.

Another innovative system that has improved in store shelving is the new slotwall shelf bracket clip. Designed specifically for slatwall panels, the shelf clip holds 6, 8 and 10mm glass shelves with the one fitting. Its lightweight and stylish design suits most retail store designs.

To find out in detail how the freestanding shelving systems, HangShelf and new bracket clip can improve store shelving displays call SI Retail on 1800 211 122 or visit for their complete shelving range available. SI Retail also has the manufacturing and sourcing networks to customise instore shelving tailored to your brand, just ask.


Mon 18th Apr 2011

In Store Shelving Made Easy with the New Slatwall Shelf Bracket Clip

The new slotwall shelf clip has arrived at SI Retail. Perfect for retailers utilising slatwall displays and wall systems in-store. The concept is simple yet effective for stores with glass shelving. Lightweight with satin chrome styling, the slotwall shelf bracket will suit most glass shelves. Being aluminium, the shelf clip is not as heavy as traditional chrome brackets and cheaper to ship. Although lightweight, the slotwall shelf clip is solid and sturdy when in place and supports glass shelving effectively.

From its name, the shelf bracket clip is exactly that. Just slide in your glass shelf and the bracket grips it in place. Its versatile design caters for glass shelving thicknesses of 6, 8 and 10mm. The shelf bracket clip is designed to save you money as a multi purpose bracket fitting. If you are worried about scratches on your glass shelves the slatwall shelf clip has protective shelf rubbers designed to secure your shelf and reduce scratching.

Utilising glass shelving throughout your retail store highlights your product displays and provides a clean, crisp appearance. To keep a consistent, stylised look throughout your store, the slotwall shelf clip effectively compliments glass shelving.

If you are after a unique, versatile and easy product shelving solution the slatwall bracket clip is a great choice. To find out more information visit or call 1800 211  122. SI Retail also provides glass shelving in 900 and 600mm lengths to suit the slotwall bracket clip. If you are after other glass shelf dimensions just ask SI Retail for a quote.

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