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Tue 10th Feb 2015

SI Retail's February Sale - Store Supplies

SI Retail's February Sale - Store Supplies

Over 200 store products, up to 70% off for a limited time only.

We have selected a wide range of quality store products covering all your in-store needs in terms of signage, displays and fixtures. All these products are on sale so you can improve your store merchandising at low cost for the New Year. This offer is available only in February so don’t miss out and visit now.

Every week we will feature different types of products from slot wall gondolas to ticket frames and data strips so don’t miss out and visit SI Shop regularly.  


Week 1 Sale – Brochure Holders – Slotwall Gondolas – counter displays

Display a combination of products on shelves and hooks with the stylish slot wall gondolas.  UP TO 60% OFF

Display multiple booklets with our range of brochure holder displays, ideal for hotels, travel agencies, newsagencies and real restates. UP TO 55% OFF

We also have a great deal on our spinner display, which is perfect to display small items such as jewellery, key rings and stickers


Week 2 sale – Display hooks – Data Strips

Various point of sale accessories are also on sale at up to 70% off so you can display pricing and product information clearly and cheaply.




We have also selected various display hooks, which are on average 50% off:


We will add products featured on week 3 and 4 of February soon with the direct link to the product pages for easy browsing and shopping.

Fri 17th Oct 2014

Shopfitting Term: What is a pegboard?

Shopfitting Term: What is a pegboard?

Pegboard is a brand name, which is used to describe perforated storage boards.  Perforated storage boards are pre-drilled with evenly spaced holes. The holes are used to accept pegs or hooks to support various items, such as merchandise in a retail store and even tools in a workshop. 


A Pegboard sheet is usually up to 5mm thick; with 3mm holes perforated 25mm apart.  The finishes can vary depending on the retailer’s requirements; wood, cardboard, metal or laminated with different colours.

Pegboard is an innovative and low cost way to display merchandise on previously unused wall space in retail. Pegboards are most often used to display small to medium items.

Pegboard is perfect for factories, offices, retail spaces, workshops, garages, kitchens, tradeshows and more.

Pegboard is made out of a thick sheet in comparison to a metal board so it requires display hooks with a longer pin length. 


Metal board is another type of perforated storage board, which is usually thinner and holds different type of display hooks. Though, you can purchase pegboard adaptors for your metal board hooks so they fit peg and volcano boards.

Volcano Board is again another perforated storage board product that is usually made of metal and the holes are concaved. They fit similar hooks than the pegboard.

Slotwall is a different type of board, which does not have holes but instead slats. You can purchase display hooks especially designed for slotwalls but all pegboard and volcano board hooks will fit slotwalls. Only metal boards require a different display hook design. 


In summary, Pegboard hooks are the most versatile display hooks on the market:

  • Pegboard hooks fit Pegboard, Volcano board and Slotwall and they will also fit metal boards with a pegboard adaptor.  
  • Metal Board hooks fit metal boards 
  • Slotwall hooks fit Slotwalls

SI Retail offers a wide range of pegboard / Volcano display hook options, although we do not sell the pegboard itself:


You can purchase display hooks for Pegboard, Slotwall, Metal board, but also Corrugated wall, Grid wire and Cross bar hooks easily on SI Retail’s new website at


Mon 4th Mar 2013

Retail Display Information

boating fishing and camping

Boating Fishing and Camping

Quality retail displays equipment might be seen as trivial expenses but they are powerful tools to increase in-store sales. According to the studies carried out at the University of Minnesota, Retail Display Fixtures Can Affect Consumer Perceptions Of Products (ScienceDaily (Oct. 17, 2008).  This article will explain why retail displays are so important to generate sales. Additionally, it will introduce an overview of display solutions and explore ideas surrounding store designs.


Can You Afford to Ignore the Potential of Powerful Retail Displays? By []Joseph Plosky

Shop and Retail Displays

Can you afford to ignore the potential of powerful retail displays?  Do you consider quality retail display equipment a frivolous expense or an absolute necessity?

The answer is an absolute necessity!! Retail display equipment affords you the opportunity to drastically increase sales if used to their fullest potential.  According to the studies carried out at the University of Minnesota, Retail Display Fixtures Can Affect Consumer Perceptions Of Products (ScienceDaily (Oct. 17, 2008)).  So in today's competitive retail market, can you really afford to ignore their powerful potential?

Why are Retail Displays Important?

As a small retailer or business you only have limited opportunities to grab your customer's attention - and make them notice and buy from you instead of your competitors.Poor retail displays, cheap equipment and untidy displays can give the wrong first impression to potential customers.  And even if you do get the customers through your door because of your reputation or good advertising, it can all be a waste if your shop doesn't meet your customer's expectations.

Busy or overcrowded displays can also put off your customers. But it doesn't have to be all doom and gloom! You can achieve powerful retail displays without having to spend a fortune.

Retail Display Options

There are a huge variety of display options on the market to choose from.  From the cheap and nasty to the ridiculously priced, display equipment is varies widely.  If you are on a budget, it is a good idea to start with some basic essential retail display products, but don't sacrifice on quality.  Depending on your individual shop display requirements remember that display fixtures affect the customer's perception of your product.

A common retail display products are display cabinets.  These can be used effectively to merchandise your products.   Merchandising is about understanding the way customers shop and you can position your merchandise effectively in display cabinets and display counters to increase sales.  Glass display cabinets, counters, trophy cabinets, glass showcases, jewellery cabinets and wall mounted display cabinets cater for all budgets and display requirements.

Display Shelving is an important element in keeping your store organised and presentable. If your shop doesn't have enough shelving or is overcrowded customers won't be able to find what they need. Before ordering shelves for your shop, carefully plan out how much of each type of display element you will need for your products.

Professional, attractive picture and poster displays are a must for all retail environments to enhance your shop or window display Retail graphic displays are an effective way to create brand awareness and promote your product.

So the message is don't skimp on your display budget.  They will enhance your products, get customers through the door and increase sales.  POD Retail Displays has a huge range of retail display products at very competitive prices.

Joe Plosky


SI Retail offers a wide range of glass cabinets, display counters and wall or freestanding displays for all budgets and requirements at

If you need a stylish cabinet to store and display colorful products, check out our glass cabinets.

If you need metal gondolas to create aisles or end bays, check out our infinitely customizable range of metal gondolas.

If you want to create freestanding displays, check out our range of freestanding slotwall displays.

Don't forget to browse through our clearance section for great price on these products.


Display expertise at POD Retail Display Systems []Retail Displays

Article Source: [] Can You Afford to Ignore the Potential of Powerful Retail Displays?

Fri 4th Jan 2013

Solutions for all retailers

Glass Cubing Display Systems - Pillow Talk

Glass Cubing Display - Pillow Talk

SI Retail's range of generic and custom-made shop fittings and displays suit small and large retailers from any industries - from custom-designed gondola and flexible display systems to signage, hooks and innovative data strips, SI Retail has you covered.

For a flexible and eye catching display, try our unique Freestanding Slot Wall, designed to attract customer's attention. They are mobile and can be placed in high foot traffic areas to showcase best sellers. They can also be used to test effective selling positions and they are ideal for store window displays. The Freestanding Slot Wall comes in different sizes with adjustable shelves to suit your products and desired eye level. Our Spinner Slotwall Gondolas are only 460mm wide, they spin and they can fill a void in store without impacting on your retail floor space.

SI Retail has developed a range of ingenuous slot wall accessories that can also fit any in-store wall system. The accessories include hangrails, straight, waterfall and crank arms, sign holders, shoe shelves and a wide range of hooks. The hangshelve for example, has the ability to hang garments and shelve products at the same time.

If you need a product allowing you to store multiple items, acting as a display and a storage space in one, try out our Glass Cubing display systems. They are stylish, modern, and can be used as window, wall or freestanding displays.

SI Retail is a family-run business committed to giving customers the best opportunities. That's why we've established our own office in China to provide services in sourcing manufacturing and shipping. This ensures the supply chain is fully controlled - from the start of your project through to its completion.

Give us a call on 1800 211 122 to discuss your requirements with our Business Managers.

Thu 10th May 2012

How to Sell Merchandise in Your Health Club or Gymnasium without Sacrificing Space

Picture this: you've come home from a long day at work and you really don't want to go to the gym, but you promised yourself that you would. You're looking for any possible excuse to get out of it. "My gym clothes are dirty!" ... "I need new gym shoes!" ... "My towel hasn't been washed since last time!" But then you remember that your gym supplies clothes, shoes and towels, so you follow your original plan and head to the gym as you had promised yourself.

How often does this happen to your customers? Could you encourage them to come to the gym more by offering items, such as towels, shorts, shirts, socks, shoes, and mats for sale or hire? If you have wall space or floor space that isn't being used, then you have the opportunity to promote these items.

Wall stripping can be easily screwed into your walls, and there are many wall strip accessories available to suit your needs.  Freestanding slotwall gondolas are great for unused floor space, and because they're mobile, you can move them around as you need to.

Both the wall stripping and slotwall gondolas are ideal for displaying merchandise - whether it is your own brand, your sponsor's brand, or other respected brands within the industry. The available accessories include various arms and rails that are great for holding clothes hangers, shelving options for shoes and neatly folded piles of clothes or towels, and the innovative HangShelf, which allows you to both shelve and hang items with the one accessory.

SI Retail also has very effective signage solutions available to help attract your customers' eyes to your new displays.

Why not visit our products page today to view our complete range?

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