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Tue 26th Jun 2012

It’s Hip to Be Square with Our Glass Cubing Display System!

SI Retail's Glass Cubing Display System - Pillow Talk

SI Retail's Glass Cubing Display System - Pillow Talk

If you need your in-store displays to be well organised but still inviting to your customers, why not try our glass cubing display system?

Glass cubing display systems are an effective way of displaying your products in-store. They're stylish and modern, and can be used as window displays, wall displays or freestanding displays in the middle of your store.

Each cube is 400 mm wide by 400 mm high and each glass cubing kit includes the 5 mm thick glass panels and the alloy connectors.  You can choose from our pre-designed kits or you can buy the cubes separately to create a configuration to suit your store.  The glass panels look neat and smart while the satin chrome connectors (which tighten onto the glass sheets to hold the configuration in place) add to the professional appearance of the display.

SI Retail's glass cubing display systems allow your products to become more visible and also allow you to store multiple items, effectively acting as a display and a storage space in one.  These displays look particularly effective when the products on display are arranged by colour or pattern, so linen stores and homeware stores would especially benefit from them.

If requested, SI Retail can also arrange bases and/or tops with lights.  Check out to view our configurations and to imagine the difference that these displays would make to your store!  Alternatively, give us a call on 1800 211 122 to discuss your requirements with one of our friendly staff.

Thu 3rd May 2012

New Wire Storage Racks Now Available!

New Wire Storage Racks Now Available!

At SI Retail, we are very pleased to announce our new range of wire storage racks. From storerooms and warehouses to workshops and garages in your own home, SI Retail's new wire storage racks can help you to clear valuable floor space and manage your goods or excess stock.

These new wire storage racks are 1800 mm high, but there are options for length (900 mm or 1200 m) and depth (450 mm or 600 mm).  Each shelf can hold up to 125 kg, but it is recommended that the weight be evenly distributed across the shelves, and it is advisable to start from the bottom shelf and work your way upwards, so as to ensure that the centre of gravity is as low as possible.

With 4 tiers each, the new racks come in either black or chrome and extra accessories are available to tailor the racks to suit your needs.  You can add Wire Rack castors and Wire Rack handles for easy manoeuvring in store and out the back.  Fencing for around the shelf and colour-matched Wire Rack dividers are also available, which is especially handy if you are using these racks as an in store display.

Ideal for hospitality kitchens, our wire racks can be used for storing pots, pans, and other cooking utensils, or they can be used in your cold rooms!  Because these racks are made from zinc-coated steel with a powder coat finish, they are suitable for cold rooms. The finish is hardy and robust and the zinc coat will prevent the metal from rusting - even if the finish does get scratched.

In retail settings, you can place these new racks in the storeroom and use them for storage, or you can place them ‘on the floor' and utilise them as an in store display. By using multiple racks and adjusting the heights of the shelves, you can create an effective display that draws attention to your products.

Although the packs come with 4 shelves, you are free to use 3 or 2 shelves in order to vary the shelf height to fit your products.  With these new racks being so easy to assemble and adjust, you'll always be able to manipulate the shelf height and configuration to suit your requirements.

As always, our prices at SI Retail are highly competitive, and the affordable pricing on the wire storage racks is no different.  To purchase SI Retail's new wire storage racks, phone 1800 211 122 or shop online at