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Tue 12th Nov 2013

Mountain Designs fit out by Barrett Shopfitting Australia & SI Retail

Mountain Designs fit out by Barrett Shopfitting Australia & SI Retail

Solution for a cheaper fit out

As with most shopfitter/retailer relationships a significant emphasis has been placed on ensuring great value for MD’s money, given their considerable expenditure per store.

Very early in our relationship all of the fixtures and fittings were manufactured in Australia at considerable cost but this soon changed as MD asked Barrett’s to explore the option of importing this aspect of their store build.

Following this desire a decision was made to import from The Philippines, which seemed to be a great deal at the time, but a significant lack of quality existed with the product that was coming in.

In late 2012 and after gaining much needed experience Barrett’s engage the services of SI Retail to handle the procurement of MD fixtures and fittings from China.

“The result of this new relationship is the perfect balance of quality and value.” The Barrett Shopfitting Team

Four new MD stores have been built using the SI Retail sourced fixtures and fittings and MD are wrapped with their new stores. Once of the most recent stores built is in Chadstone Shopping Centre and this store has set the new benchmark for look, feel and quality for Mountain Designs.

"We truly believe that this high level of fit out would not be possible if it was not for the relationship they have with Barrett’s and the involvement of SI Retail. “ The Mountain Design Team.

Barrett Shopfitting Australia and Mountain Designs have had a wonderful working relationship spanning some 13 years and 50+ stores.

Barrett’s have been employed to manage the complete fit out of most MD stores across Australia and NZ which incorporate:

- the overall project management

- Joinery

- Fixtures

- Fittings procurement

- Site installation.

  • Mountain Designs fit out by Barrett Shopfitting Australia and SI Retail

  • Mountain Designs fit out by Barrett Shopfitting Australia & SI Retail

  • SI Retail custom freestanding table display

  • SI Retail's Garment Racks

  • SI Retail's Slotwall Panels

  • SI Retail Custom Arm For Bag Pack

  • SI Retail Wall Strips

Mon 29th Apr 2013

Renew Newcastle: Inspires the retail industry too bring life back into dead CBD's


Renew Newcastle is an innovative project that transformed an empty CBD into a lucrative creative hub by occupying vandalized or decaying commercial space until the shops are viable again.

[embedit snippet="renew-newcastle-video"]

 The beginning

This unique scheme started in 2008 by Marcus Westbury, a broadcaster, writer, media maker and festival director born in Newcastle and eager to find a solution to this decaying city that was once an exiting industrial hub.

The Project

The project is designed to bring life back into the CBD by allowing artists, artisans, craftspeople and community groups to occupy those otherwise empty building until the property owner can find a commercial tenant. This enhances the cultural life of the city by creating activity of interest and improves the look, feel and desirability of the neighborhood.

The project relies on the support of property owners who have vacant buildings. Property owners can define the terms they wish to make a building available on, select the project that takes place in them, and can participate on either a long term or short term, typically 30 days on a rolling basis. The temporary tenant will undertake basic maintenance, remove graffiti, and ensure that the building is an asset rather than a liability. It is a win win situation. It gives artists a chance to try out their ideas and get their name out there. Property owners get their building looked after which helps minimize crime and vandalism to their property. It also stimulates business, make the neighborhood more desirable and help attract commercial prospects.

The idea is spreading

Over 100 projects in Newcastle have had the opportunity to test their creative ideas. Renew Newcastle has been the inspiration for empty space revitalization schemes across the country, like Renew Adelaide, Renew Townsville, Made in Geelong and Pop-up Parramatta. Marcus Westbury has now developed Renew Australia to provide training, consultancy and support services to businesses, governments and community groups engaged in the creative activation of space.


Renew Newcastle / Boony Loahajaroenyot


Renew Newcastle / Boony Loahajaroenyot


Renew Newcastle / Boony Loahajaroenyot


Renew Newcastle / Boony Loahajaroenyot


Renew Newcastle / Boony Loahajaroenyot


Renew Newcastle / Boony Loahajaroenyot