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Tue 4th Feb 2014

The Cable Display System: Signage & Shop Decoration for offices & retail stores

Si Retail Live Wire Cable Display System - Ceiling to Floor

Si Retail Live Wire Cable Display System - Ceiling to Floor

The Live Wire cable display system is an economical, fashionable and versatile signage system. It is perfect for stores and offices as you can change posters, listings, photos and documents in an instant. Its invisible look enables you to create stunning picture wall that you can refresh as often as you want. The cable display system is an investment that delivers for years, as it is forever interchangeable.

SI Retail's cable display system in offices:

- Create a branded wall in your boardroom or meeting room to highlight your brand and company's culture.
- Display historical photos in the stairwell of the company's office
- Use the cable system to display important information such as employee's certificates or patents.
- Create a company's notice board or news board as you can change the documents as often as you need very easily.
- Use the cable system as a stunning divider wall. It enables you to divide an office space in a very creative way.

SI Retail's cable display system in retail stores

- Use the Cable display system behind the counter to advertise things such as warranty and return policy.
- Advertise your promotions at the entry of your store.
- Create a stunning picture wall. Set the mood of the season with the wire system. You can change the photos as often as you want so it is a very economic way to keep your store fresh and interesting. You can attract customers in your store by changing regularly the photos of the wall to reflect a different theme.


SI Retail's cable display system in a Doctor's office

- Use the cable system to decorate your medical center. Use it to display certificates in the doctor's office and be creative in the waiting room.

SI Retail's cable display system in Real Estate Agencies

- The Real Estate industry is probably the one taking advantage the most of the cable system as they use it to display their current house and land offers in their store windows.

SI Retail's cable display system in Travel Agencies

- The cable system is a must for travel agencies as they rely on beautiful photos that inspire and trigger emotions to sell holidays. This signage system enables you to create stunning displays of your current promotions and destinations. It can also be used to decorate your agency with seasonal travel pictures.

SI Retail's cable display System for Insurance Agencies or Banks

- Feature your services with the cable system. It is always a little tricky to advertise services to customers outside of a brochure. The cable system will help you introduce new services to your customers while they are waiting.

SI Retail's cable display system for showrooms

- This is a great system for showrooms, as you might not always have your physical products on-site. Car retailers for example use it to display other models on A1 acrylic sign holders.

SI Retail's cable display system for Bars, Restaurants and Cafes

- Use it to decorate the walls of your restaurant with ever changing artworks and photos.
- Display your menu in a very creative way at the entry of your restaurant.

The cable system is the perfect signage system for every industries and every type of spaces, offices, agencies, retail stores and showrooms because they are cheap and versatile. Feature important documents or create stunning wall displays.

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