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Mon 24th Feb 2014

Australian Store Windows

This is a store window showcase special Australia.

Visual merchandising and store design often comes from overseas, somewhere in Europe or America but Australia has loads of inspired people creating stunning store windows.

Below is a selection of store windows that reflects Australian culture.
They are often characterized by the use of colours, typography, symbols and art and craft.

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  • #retail #Australia #
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  • hanging display | st
  • Great window display
  • Sportsgirl Launches
  • Want to be sitting h
  • Harvest Workroom on
  • shop window in Melbo
  • Loreal Melbourne Fas
  • Sportsgirl Make do a
  • worked with creative
  • Hot Lips! Window dis
  • Ryan Russell for Cru
  • Oscar & Wild store b
  • Melbourne design sto
  • Rowena Martinich's w
  • Chromaphos large-sca
  • melbourne shoe desig
  • clothing shop | "fam
  • Lark Store #retail #
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Wed 13th Nov 2013

Retail Christmas Tips: Attract Customer With Effective Window Displays

Primark Window by The One Off

Primark's Window by The One Off, a retail and branding design agency based in the UK

Find the picture here

We all know that Christmas is the biggest time for retail sales, but what can you do to make sure you get the most out of the silly season? Getting shoppers into your store is the first step. You only have a few seconds to grab a shopper's attention and lure them into your store, and window displays can make or break a shopper's decision to enter. Remember, a bunch of things shoved randomly in a window is not a window display.

So what are the essential elements of an effective window display?

Balance: Asymmetrical or symmetrical displays as long as it is balanced. Asymmetrical visuals always attract the eye because it stands out but it is much more difficult to balance.
Size of Objects: Place the largest object into the display first as it helps to balance the other elements.
Colour: Set the mood and trigger feelings.
Focal Point: Where do you want the shoppers' eyes to go? Use the product, signage and background colour to attract the eye.
Lighting: Should accent focal point, if possible.
Simplicity: Less is more so know when to stop and don't add too many items.

Read More About Creating Effective Displays

The problem is, creating a great window display is time-consuming, head scratching and expansive. The LiveWire cable system is the best way to create professional window displays that changes with the season. Purchase one display and use it for all your promotions.

How do you create affordable and effective window display?

The LivewireTM cable display system is a stylish and space-saving ceiling to floor shelving option that is ideal for showcasing your prime products. Choose one focal point per shelf and ensure that everything else only acts as an accompaniment to that focal point. Too much clutter can detract from your featured products.

SI Retail's acrylic risers allow you to create varying depths and heights for you to display your featured products, which will catch shoppers' eyes.

These products should also be enhanced with smart lighting that complements both day and night.

Make sure you are fully stocked with the products that you are promoting in your displays, and avoid promoting "limited edition" items. It is also advisable to place widely appealing and affordable products in your window display, so that customers are not discouraged by high prices and eclectic tastes.

If you are working to a theme, such as Christmas, keep this in mind while decorating your display, and stay within the one colour scheme or choose opposite colours for effect. Consistency is always highly effective.

When setting up your display, view it from outside as often as you can to ensure that it is working, and continue to tweak it as necessary. This may seem time-consuming, but your hard work will ultimately pay off through increased traffic and sales. And don't be afraid to ask your customers what they think; their feedback can be invaluable.

Above all, remember to keep those windows clean! Don't let those grubby finger marks ruin your hard work.

And for your inspiration, below is a selection of displays that uses the LiveWire Cable System

  • Ceiling to Floor Cab
  • Wall Mounted Wire Di
  • Wall Mounted Cable D
  • Wall Mounted LiveWir
  • Wall Mounted Wire sy
  • Wall Mounted Cable S
  • LiveWire Cable Syste
  • Christmas Window Dis
  • Apple Store using th
  • LiveWire Cable SYste
  • Wall Mounted LiveWir
  • LiveWire Cable Syste
  • LiveWire Cable Displ
  • Great use of the Liv
  • Great artistic displ
  • Tension Divider Chec
  • Art Display Systems:
  • Tension Cable System
  • Ceiling to floor cab
  • Check out our SI Ret
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Wed 28th Aug 2013

Easy & Cheap Store Display Ideas

  • Great Retail Display
  • Simple Store Window
  • Upcycled Tree as Cos
  • The Easiest & Cheape
  • Looks very good #ret
  • Pegboard is such a g
  • A store made out of
  • Art And Chic: shop #
  • Unusual shoe display
  • Diesel - creating a
  • pallet display #reta
  • DIY: Copper Plumbing
  • Wooden Hat Mold Clev
  • Hydroponic window fa
  • missoni Los Angeles
  • Bon Marché windows,
  • Window Shopping #des
  • hunting trophy hange
  • i am trying to blend
  • Paul Smith's wholesa
  • VM  Use my white man
  • Moschino, Milan as s
  • #design #inspiration
  • +french navy #design
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Tue 30th Jul 2013


  • visual merchandising
  • Pharmacy Store Conce
  • The Romanticism Shop
  • Louis Vuitton’s Sing
  • L'Oreal in Stockholm
  • Apple Store Fifth Av
  • Mikimoto Building in
  • #Anthropologie #Gree
  • Firma Casa Store / S
  • Hair Salon.  #design
  • Aoki Jun - Louis Vui
  • shop front #design #
  • New Living in Housto
  • Louis Vuitton Store
  • Hermes storefront...
  • 'bright young things
  • Listasafn Reykjavíku
  • farmacia #design #in
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Mon 24th Jun 2013

Autumn / Winter Store Windows

  • Sweeping scarves in
  • Natural Shoe Store/B
  • Lanvin’s Autumn/Wint
  • Lanvin’s Autumn/Wint
  • Lanvin’s Autumn/Wint
  • Lanvin’s Autumn/Wint
  • Lanvin’s Autumn/Wint
  • Autumn/Winter 07-08
  • Autumn/Window 08-09
  • Black Winter for Die
  • Burlington window di
  • Burlington window di
  • Burlington window di
  • Autumn Winter Displa
  • TopShop, Oxford stre
  • Kurt Geiger, Piccadi
  • the Cactus Creek Sho
  • the Cactus Creek Sho
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