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Fri 21st Oct 2011

Colour Co-ordinated Wall Mounted Signs: A Classier Way to Decorate this Christmas

While decorating your store for Christmas, why not incorporate SI Retail's wall mounted signs?  These will help to spruce up your interior décor while avoiding tacky Christmas decorations.

Acrylic wall mounted signs are ideal for retail outlets, cafés and restaurants, and can be easily fixed to almost any wall.  These classy display signs can enhance the pre-Christmas special and post-Christmas sale promotional signage in retail outlets, and the Christmas specials and seasonal menus in cafés and restaurants.

Available in a variety of colours, you can colour co-ordinate your wall signage to fit in with your chosen Christmas colour scheme, whether it be the traditional green and red with flourishes of gold, or the more modern blue and silver.

Subtle touches like this can make all the difference, and you can easily change the wall mounts back to your preferred colour once the holiday season is over.