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Wed 21 Aug 2013

TED: The Retail Revolution by Paul Nijhof

At a TED conference,  Paul Nijhof talks about the shift from offline to online sales

About the speaker: Paul Nijhof

Paul Nijhof held executive positions at NUON and Calortex Ltd. before he started at Wehkamp BV in 2000, as member of the Wehkamp Board, responsible for Customer Services and Operations.

About the company:

Today, is the largest online department store and online market leader in the Netherlands. has 1.5 million regular customers, almost 120 million visitors and over 7 million shipments a year. is the only company worldwide that successfully completed a transition from mail order to 100% online retailer. Paul Nijhof works in the centre of the retail revolution and will share his ideas on the future of shopping.

About the video: The Retail Revolution

Nijhof started by throwing a few stats at you:

-     Today, 10% of total retail spend is going through the internet
-     40% to 50% of the retail spend will go through the internet By 2025

He also adds that the retail spend will remain flat, though the retail share between offline and online will shift dramatically.

Nijhof reveals in this video the retail challenges brought by technological advancements and changing consumer behaviors but he also highlight the opportunities.