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Thu 28 Nov 2013

YOLANDA: How are your donations helping?

Typhoon Haiyan

Haiyan Tacloban after the Typhoon

Hi Everyone,

I would like to give you an update of the situation in the Philippines particularly our family and how the funds are being used.

We have so far raised nearly $5700 and have sent $4000 of that over to help with the relocation phase as well as repairs.  The remaining funds will go towards the rebuilding stage which will be the most expensive stage.

Most of the family have been relocated to Cebu, Manila and Maasin City where they are staying with family and friends.  They have been able to buy clothes and some personal needs to help them out over the next couple of months.  Eddie, who has sent his family to Maasin City has stayed behind in Tacloban to help in the clean up of the city.  Attached are a few photos of Eddie's house and his sister, Marivic's house in Tacloban.

At this stage I am not sure about Romeo and his family.  He was the local teacher at the school in Dulag which was destroyed.  Last we heard he was staying in Dulag to help with the clean up and try to rebuild his house.  He had made a makeshift shelter on the side of the road with the debris to live in.  I will let you know about them on the next update.

The Philippine Department of Education released this week the damage report on the schools in the region and stated there are 3200 schools damaged by the typhoon.  They will be setting up learning tents in the worst schools so the children can go back to school.

There is so much more to do with so many people affected!  We will do our best to be as effective with your donations.  Thank you for your help.

  • Destruction of Typhoon Haiyan in Tacloban

  • The clean up, Haiyan Tacloban

  • Marivic and Eddie's houses, Tacloban,

  • Marivic and Eddie's houses, Tacloban,

  • And to make it easier, it rains and rains

  • Tacloban, Marivic and Eddie's houses

  • Yolanda, Tacloban,

  • Haiyan, Tacloban

  • And it rains again

  • Their homes are completely destroyed and all their belongings have gone.

  • Aerial View Typhoon Haiyan, Iloilo

  • This is where Jerome's family lives, Iloilo

  • Jerome is or Creative Engineer manager at SI Retail

  • Typhoon Haiyan, Iloilo

  • Typhoon Haiyan, Iloilo

  • Florabelle and her children: Family of Jerome, our creative Engineer manager, Iloilo

  • His family lives in Balasan, Iloilo

  • House Destruction from the typhoon in Balasan, Iloilo

  • Janice from Jerome's Family, Iloilo

  • Romeo's family is from Dulag, Leyte

Typhoon Haiyan AID