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Case Study

Myer Custom Items by SI Retail

Myer looks to SI Retail to provide custom solutions for all in-store applications as required. From display stands and accessory holders to garment racks and feature walls, we take care of all the details.

Unlimited Capabilities
Myer employ us to source and manufacture many custom designed products for their Australian stores. From joinery to metal, acrylic, plastic and everything in-between, we are always able to satisfy their needs and provide competitive pricing on a wide range of custom items.

Our solutions include manoeuvrability. We ensure the product can be flat packed or combined in ways to save in shipping costs, whilst also making sure they are easy to install/setup.

Case Study

Road Tech Marine by SI Retail: Updated New Store Look

One of our long-term and loyal clients were refurbishing their stores and of course, we were more than happy to assist them with their new store fit-out!

Full Store Re-fit
RTM needed a new and fresh store design. After changing their store colours, the white gondolas no longer matched their new look. It felt quite clinical and the white gondolas did not help their products stand out or compliment their new carpet and painted walls. SI Retail suggested charcoal gondolas to tie in with their new colours. We must say, we are very pleased with the end result.

Case Study

Road Tech Marine by SI Retail: In Search Of Adventure

SI Retail and Electus Distribution have had a strong partnership for many years so when the latter launched new retail brand Road Tech Marine, SI Retail was the obvious choice for the new store fitout. 

Road Tech Marine is positioned in a niche market; they supply parts and accessories for travellers who regularly hit the road or the water in search of adventure. 

It offers thousands of products making them the go to retailer in this retail segment. The store displays a large portion of their range in-store and the rest is available through catalogues and online. 

The main challenge for the store layout was to be able to display a wide range of accessories while keeping it simple with a clean look. The aisles are wide and the gondolas light grey to add a sense of space. They also use colours to signal main categories so they avoid cluttering the store with signage.

The strength and flexibility of SI Retail’s metal work such as the gondolas allowed versatility and flow in our floor plans, which then became reality, says Mark Rogers, Merchandising and Technical Manager at Road Tech Marine

SI Retail’s range of displays is the key factor for Road Tech Marine to present a shopping experience to the consumer and not just a store, says Mark Rogers. 

SI Retail provides all the metal gondolas, garment racks, hooks and data strips, shopping baskets, wall strips, counter and customised displays.  

“SI Retail’s product range and our account manager, Daniela have been instrumental in the fitout and look of all Road Tech Marine stores throughout Australia, says Rogers.