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SI Retail implements and manages a Quality Assurance Program at multiple stages of communication and production.


The most important and yet widely ignored step in the quality assurance of a project is the conveyance of the "Customer's Intent" to the factory floor. We all know what happens when an idea is told to someone and it is passed on down the line and the person at the other end hears a completely different message to the original.


We consider the customer's Intent for a project to be the most important part of the manufacturing process. We ensure the preparation of your project, whether it be a single item or a major program, is extensively detailed at the front end and our communication prior to production with you and the factory enables your intentions to be conveyed as you want them through the cultural and language differences.

  • High importance to customer's intentions
  • Extensive detail at the front end to ensure Quality Assurance
  • Confirmation Assurance
  • Carefully ensure quality of communication through culture and language
  • Consistency and continuity of projects


At several stages of our Communication Management Process (CMP) we apply Confirmation Assurance (CA) steps to your project beginning at the initial enquiry from you right through all stages of production until delivered and your satisfaction


All our qualified retail support manufacturers work together with our overseas Operations Team to ensure consistency and continuity of projects. The team have full access to all areas of the factory floor conducting pre, mid and post production inspections all the time ensuring the customer's intent is carried through. This level of interaction is well accepted and appreciated by the factories as their goal is to complete the projects with the highest customer satisfaction.


Our Quality Assurance Program dissolves cultural and language walls taking your projects from inspiration to creation as you intended.