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It is one thing to have your products made in China and achieve low costs under the project control of SI Retail but then you need to get the products to the final destination! 


SI Retail provides the most efficient Supply Chain Solutions, whatever your circumstances, we have options that can manage the logistics of moving your products.   Whether it be one shipment to one location or hundreds of products to multiple stores, direct from our factories without you touching them, fully traceable and documented.

To find the best solution for you, view our different strategies and contact us for a quotation on your project needs.

Supply Chain Solutions

  • Warehousing
  • Shipping
  • Distribution



When you don’t know where the products need to go we can warehouse them in China and ship when ready.  For example; you have several sites to set up a new store that you like but are still under negotiation.  You want to move quickly once you have signed but depending on the negotiations you don’t know which site will go first.  Shipping the store fixtures to your DC and then warehousing, waiting and paying for domestic freight once you have committed to the site is costly and inefficient.  SI Retail will warehouse your fixtures in China and when you give the green light we ship it directly to your new site saving costs all round.  We can hold several stores worth of shopfittings and store fixtures for you and Pick and Pack once you know the store layout and therefore the quantity of each product.

  • Faster lead times
  • Reduced costs
  • Forecasted stock can be Picked and Packed once you know what you want
  • Maximise container space
  • Consolidate products from several factories


Warehousing in China can effectively reduce your costs and lead times using the SI Direct Stock Management system.  For all your long term products we can manufacture and hold according to your forecasts and when you are ready Pick and Pack what you need and send to the locations you choose.  The only lead time would be shipping time using our fastest ships to most locations.

The SI Direct Stock Management system can also handle consolidation of products from several factories as well as fulfilment so you can have products kitted together packaged and labelled.  We can also print brochures or instructions and include it in the kit.


Using the SI Retail Warehouses and Distribution Centres in your region, our Stock Management system can reduce your costs and provide an efficient service to meet your needs.  If you need short term or long term warehousing we can provide that service for you.  All our Distribution Centres can Pick and Pack and manage your stock for you.


If you use our Full Value Service you can downsize your back office operations and use SI Retail to manufacture, manage your stock and distribute to the retail stores so all you need to do is what you do best, selling your products!

  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Fast delivery to your customers
  • Professional stock management



SI Retail Shipping is a full service designed to take the worry out of your hands with options ranging from FOB China to door to door service.

These options include:

  • Shipping to your nearest port or we can clear customs and deliver direct to you or,
  • “Blind” ship straight to your customer and they will think it came from you. 

These options have been designed to reduce your costs and save you time and offer a convenient alternative to traditional purchasing.


Utilising the SI Direct Logistics and Stock Management modules we can design a custom solution that fits your business needs whilst keeping your overhead costs low and delivering a service to enhance your outcomes.

Depending on your requirements we can

  • Air Freight
  • Ship FCL (full container) or
  • LCL (pallet loads) to your location.

SI Retail also provides a tracking service for all scannable units so that you can monitor the progress of your orders online easily. 



Efficient distribution is paramount to the success of a project whether it be a single shipment or a complex consolidation and roll out to hundreds of locations.  Having the procedures with Quality Assurance steps in place is the key to SI Retail distribution success.


For us, distribution control starts at the beginning of a project where our team captures your intent and details the project scope.  In this phase we will discuss all aspects of how you want the products to be presented to the people at the final destination including box markings, blind labelling, yours or your customer’s logo, documentation if any, quantity per pack, pallet or no pallet and more.  Before a product is even made we are designing the distribution plan for your project including master lists, palletisation, containerisation plans, consolidation points, shipping routes, de-stuffing locations and most efficient delivery routes.

  • Detailed project scope to ensure optimum distribution management
  • Efficient process design to ensure quality of distribution


Because SI Retail controls all points in the distribution chain we have the flexibility to offer delivery options that work best for you.