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Utilising our extensive network of qualified retail support manufacturers overseas we can source the product you are looking for or we can use our broad capabilities to design and manufacture it for you. 


Our team overseas have extensive experience in skilled negotiations at the factory level and because we specialise in Shop Fittings and Store Fixture Displays we know what price you should pay and will achieve the right outcome.

  • Extensive experience in skilled negotiations
  • Sound advise and knowledge
  • You pay the right price


SI Direct offers a service that will save your business the time and expense of setting up sourcing departments in Asia or trying to achieve low cost solutions by sourcing from your region. We offer sound advice and knowledge that can only come from global shopfitting and display industry experience.


Through our network of specialised factories, our team has full access to the factory processes to better serve your quality requirements and project intentions.

  • We convey your project intentions
  • Understanding cultural needs and western values
  • Full access to factory processes and production


Our local presence enables us to interact on a face to face level in all areas of manufacturing from mould design through production, assembly and shipping.  This physical presence within China, along with cultural understanding and fully understanding western values and market needs enables us to convey your project intentions correctly to the people making your product. 


Using SI Retail to manufacture your products gives you peace of mind that the quality will be right and your requirements will be satisfied even if you are using our Direct to Store delivery options.