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Manufacturing is only one step in getting your idea into your customer’s hands.  The SI Direct’s Full Value Service has been designed to go so much further for you while keeping the cost centre at the lowest base in China!



Using the SI Direct Full Value Service retailers can reduce costs by shifting back office functions to a lower cost base in China.  SI Retail can work with you to fully manage projects from concept to delivery to the store floor utilising our many services including our Store in a Box or Direct Rollout modules.


Store in a Box:

Retail chains can have full store fixtures manufactured in China and then packed in a container at the factory and delivered direct to the store anywhere in the world.  This reduces domestic delivery and handling costs and provides the shortest lead time from multiple factories direct to stores.

  • Most efficient delivery from factory to store
  • Reduced costs through minimal handling points
  • Transfer the bulk of costs back to origin where you achieve the lowest cost base


Costs are further reduced by designer packing to suit the installation in store and minimising fitout costs.  Containers are packed according to customer's store layout with colour coding and labelling for departments.  Container mapping is used to aid the unloading and efficiency to the floor.


Direct Rollout:

With the “Direct Rollout” model, after manufacture, SI Retail can kit all the components together including printed material and label it for individual stores keeping the work at the origin and therefore reduced costs.  It then gets bulk shipped to the destination country and our team unpacks the containers and sends the individual packages to the stores whether it is a small amount of stores or hundreds. 

  • Avoids handling and keep costs low
  • Lowest cost distribution method
  • Fully controlled by SI Direct Project Management



One of the core problems brand marketers face is speed to market while keeping the costs under budget.  The labour content in putting a program together can be costly and increases the closer you do it to the store.  Keeping the costs at origin is what SI Retail can do for you.


Kitting a display together whether it is a clip strip program or a floor display can be done effectively at the closest point to manufacture.  SI Retail will coordinate all factories including your consumer products and consolidates them at the closest China Distribution Centre in Shanghai.  There we have a project designed work flow to assemble and kit your displays.

  • We can include printed material if you need it.
  • Each display is labelled for its final destination according to your master list.
  • We group the displays and bulk pack them in managed distribution lots according to geographical locations. 
  • The distribution lots are then shipped in bulk to the DC or many DC’s in any region where our team will break them down into deliverable units and deliver to all stores. 
  • We can even deliver to a nominated person or department at each store.


This system is the most direct low cost way to achieve your displayed products to any number of stores.